Nothing to say more:)

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  1. Nice 1 signing up now:)

  2. Finally forumm ced!!!!!! Go go guysssss to help cedddd:)

  3. Is there a way to add mods to Q3-360? I’d like to add instagib but there is not much information available for this. Thanks!

  4. Wow, and you could have done it and just say h264 does not work, omg
    And you now had a real dev kit

    and for real had accomplished it

    You see they are freaking genious which stuff is wanted and would bring many more consumers but hell no

    Im really confused why you genious coder doesnt look at it.
    Ok maybe you are right, shit at its lowlesspower we dont need 1080p on a slow console then

    And i really dont know to what believe if you are poor or rich right now with those offers and knowledge

    I think if you are not that rich your knowledge isnt been paid and you probably never will on that
    You will still handle android and arm, they are huge and easy success

    But you just kill a gaming console

    Well whatever, we all dead

  5. You read that : the truth is always supressed
    its in your mind you cant decline
    i am the proof

  6. and guys, we support ced2911 to continue with the project psxr, where are the messages of support? Please continue to work with psxr ced. for all fans .. you are the one that keeps alive the xbox homebrew .. and if you ever can, try to work on a port of N64 for the Dash, the fans would appreciate you so much, best N64 emu pc is Project64 2.1 Might Portalo a xbox 360 with the XDK? Greetings great man, without you xbox 360 the scene would not be the same …
    excuse my English, not speak, only occupied the google translator
    to please all fans we support ced to continue with Port

    • He left the xbox scene
      his thoughts are wrong and there are other people who work with xbox 360
      ced is retiring:)

      well when team fsd left they left us a big thing that we use everyday
      i wished this would be the same thing but, it will NEVER happen, i said
      justing bieber is wrong

  7. yeah, it’s a really a shame that ced2911 has abandoned the scene after the lot of work he put in the projects like ppsspp and pcsx 360. Maybe he is tired and need some time to work in other projects of your interest like gligli did. But, who knows, maybe he will become interested in code again for 360 in the future.

  8. people who act like you comfort me in my choice to leave the 360 scene …

  9. ced2911, please man. i’m not trying be sarcastic, rude, boring or trying to get your atention. I really apologise if say something wrong. I really like and enjoy all the work you did ced. Sincerely i always use the pcsx 360. Your work is amazing. But you said yourself something about leaving the scene, and then i wished good luck with your other projects. it seems that sounded offensive to you. Maybe you are hoping the guys begging you to continue the work. Sorry man. I realy like your work. you’re a very talended coder of course. You write a git for the ppsspp. I’m not a coder but i’m pretty sure that is very difficult task. Of course, i would like to see more projects from you but i’ll not kiss your ass to continue your work. If you wanna leave, just leave.

    • hey cmnk1983, i appreciate ur work on the emulator and test every build. but i have no chance to get into the forum. is there a way to invite me to the old forum😉
      on build 2.0.6 the fixes on parasite eve II arent working. i setup an .ini for every game but the settings will be ignored for fixes.

  10. so let me leave in peace …

  11. yes, leave in peace, it will be good for the scene. you’re a really bad coder. all your emulators are not finished .all of your emulators have a lot of bugs and are almost unplayable. you’re nothing compared to gligli, lantus, nes6502, a600,madmab, freakdave and the retrorach team . all these guys do a professional job on your emulator projects and they dont ask for donation or something like that. you are doing a favor leaving the scene. And not. i’m not a coder and i’ll not doing a better version of your emulators.

    • Well, it is to harsh, he made things to the scene and helped all of the devs out you counted up

      I was banned for motivation and donation
      coding skillz ok but wtf lol

    • Ced is by no means a bad coder. Maybe not the best, but he does a good job, and he cleans up or re-writes code when development time allowed for it. Just look at the history of pcsx-360 – the core of the program was rewritten at least two different times. This is not easy stuff. And I still play the libxenon version of pcsx360, as it’s a really great emulator, with the only bugs really being due to libxenon flaws.

      You are missed, ced2911, but I wish you the best!

  12. Somehow i cant regist myself again ….i just want to tell thoes kids to shut up …i read somethings on the forum that are far from common sense . Ces2911 u need to come back:)

  13. what a pitty ..anyway’s not cool what that guys said. I felt like somebody had to tell them …i totally agree with you …you can do what you want and owe nobody something.😉 no matter what they say, i am a big fan of your psx emulator still playing Lunar silver star on it😀. thank you!

  14. Tx3 what jerk you are. You dont understand that i’m just kidding with metalex and your funny surprise to ced2911. i’m pretty sure that ced2911 understood that i’m just kidding. you cannot lead all things so seriously. you should take a vacation.

    • What the fuck you talking about? ..i dont care what you did …i am talking about thelastmailer and the things he said on the PSP thread..which was not ok!!!
      …whats up with u guys?…never heard about something called « manners », you act like bunch of 12 year olds. No wonder he lost all his Interest in working for you, let’s forget the fact that he did it for free….watch you mouth, who you call a jerk …fool.

  15. Oh wow i just read through some of the post here and on the forum …just wow! WTF happend? i left for 2 Month and all rude idiots on this planet gather here?, the Internet is a dark place full of idiots!

    i just started playing lunar and thought « hey this is great ..let’s leave a thx » and what a found was this!

    just sad …i not gonna name thoes who behave like shit, except that one above (thelastmailer) who steped the line..get your shit together! Shame on you

  16. you forgot your own password to enter in the
    You’re right, the internet is a dark place full of idiots :p

    • I’ve delete my account after wishing ced all the best, because he focused on android at that moment (maybe u even took him the fun of that too), what is totally fine, but nothing for me..i did not forget my password ..that’s why i had to make a new account..but never got a activation have a problem with me?
      smart taking dont fit you ..stop it, trust me.

      i dont want to argue with you, u dont interet me at all

  17. *mimimimimimi*

    • Will you do me a favor ..just stay away from a keyboard.

      @ ced2911 i might have found someone who is willing to continue your work on both emulatots, is it ok, if i ask them out? i am not sure if he is willing to do so though.
      Plan B would be doing a post on a scene forum and ask if someone is interested in doing so, just need your ‘ok’.

      i mean the psx emu is already pretty solid …it need some more work

      the psp on the other hand, might need more attention…

      anyway if you like or better said if you fine with that ..just tell me.. anytime:)

      bye Mon ami

  18. The PSX emu would be almost perfect if someone add more option on the menu for better game compatibility. (Vsynch, Xa, Cdda,ect )

  19. I hope it works and i find somebody i’ll do my best …your good work must life on:)

    btw how’s coding? you work on something right now? Android?

  20. Just waiting Tx3 find someone to continue the work of ced2911 emulator ports😛

  21. Tx3, i’m not here to make fun with you. we are here on the same cause. To see improvements on the great emulators made by ced. I sent a message some weeks ago to dreamboy, that guy that did some improvements on pcsx360. He is portuguese and i sent a message in portuguese to him. here’s the message that i wrote to dreamboy in english.

    Dreamboy!!! where you are????
    I come here every day waiting for your version of PCSX 360, but you disappeared
    Please come back, or at least give us some news. I tested your unofficial version and it works great. You did a great job.
    Do not abandon us. If is possible, I’d ask you just one more improvement in your version of pcsx360. Put an option that we can adjust the image size of the game. I play on an old tube TV and the problem of overscan on the sides of the game occurs. If you can do some sort of auto-size ajust for old tvs or some kind of option to adjust the image size manually i and many others will appreciate.

    It was january 05 when i wrote to him. unfortunately he no answered. I think he stopped to work on 360. The only guys that still work on 360 are squarepusher from libretro team. If you like some help maybe you can try talk to him. but be carefull the libretro team are formed by a bunch of arrogant guys.

  22. No luck so far, still trying

  23. good luck :p no one want to work on 360 now :s i asked too for help no one answered

    • Yeah …seem’s like it:/ …i have to learn coding lol

      i did what i can …now we wait, maybe someone will write back…if not well, let’s look to something new.

    • im not dead yet

      i will revive it on my own
      im recrutin

    • He is more like missing a Xbox haha

      well a lot of people showed interest in the psp emulator, but they more like want to use it, than to help coding it.

      i asked some IT students ..but they not capable to work on this. We tried …at least😀

      on the positiv side we got a super psx emulator and maybe one day for ps4 or xbox one or amdroid we can use what we learned here again :))

      again ced merci mon ami!

      I will visit this site from time to time😉
      maybe someone can surprise us!

  24. Good news from retroarch team: « You guys will be happy to know that there was a rash of 360 commits a few weeks ago, and Squarepusher just got an old PPC Mac to do some much-needed PPC-specific debugging with, so there have been a lot of recent commits related to that. Still no ETA on the release, but it’s coming. »
    Btw i ll try to learn basic coding coz i wanna add some feature (Vsynch, Xa, Cdda,ect) to the PSX emu.

    • The guys over at libretro are douchbag nerds that have zero socail behave. I dont care what they do period.

      hope somebody will work on this here ..good luck to everybody who likes to

  25. is this guy ced2911 dead? what happened to him?

  26. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting. He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect. by Cicero. cdgbdgacegka

  27. please invite me to forum. mazterz [ at ]

  28. Are you sure there is nothing to say more? ^^

  29. atkfromabove

    Could I get a forum invite? atkfromabovee [at]

  30. Jer Me Sur

    Why the PCSX subforum contains a link to a virus instead of the emulator?

  31. Hey Ced, can you open the forum registration again? I wanted to make an account and discuss about PCSXR 360…

  32. info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba ,

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