PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha

PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha version

Proof of concept.

Based on PPSSPP 0.91.

put a psp iso name psp.iso is the same directory as default.xex

What have been done:
Fast ppc jit (Can be used in wii/wiiu/ps3). Give a 10x to 20x speedup !
DirectX9 backend (Can be ported to Win dows), miss some lights and framebuffer effects.

What need to be done next:
Finish the ppc jit, 70/80% of the opcode are recompiled, need slow memory paths.
Finish the DirectX9 Backend. Fix framebuffers, lights issues.
Port FFMpeg for sound and video playback.
Port the Atrac3+
Add a gui

Know bugs:
Jit doesn’t work in real devkit.
In some games can’t go in game because of missing video/sound playback => use a save games.
Some games are slow (Monster hunter 2) set VertexCache = true to give a big speed up ! Use this with caution! 360 have few memory !
Random crashes => Can be fixed by using setting Jit = false and FastMemory = false, but it will slowdown as hell !

Lighting issues on Ridger Racer.
Framebuffer issues.

Want to helps ?
This projects is really big, if you have any skills and want to help you are welcome !
No need for help for testing game, I don’t care about this really at this moment, if it doesn’t work yet, wait for the next version.
I need a real devkit.
Donate at https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=5P45QTZL5XWHQ&lc=FR&currency_code=EUR&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted

Ced2911: PPC Jit, DirectX9 Backend, Xbox360 Port, Endian fixes
PPSSPP authors for the great emulators, help and idea !


Source code:

Based on 1b9cf8a


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  1. Thank You Ced, Will be testing shortly:)


  2. will test it now with KH Birth by Sleep
    how long will it take for sound ? (i think the gui should be the easiest)
    you cant use RGH as Dev Console ? I can get you, email me

  3. silent hill origins not works ced 2911

  4. Dissidia Final Fantasy tested, it crashes after New Game screen.

  5. ffmpeg is in the work😀

  6. Just saw, man you don’t stop lol Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone….. Media player?? JK

  7. Had ago at doing a Cover for FSD if anyone wants it.:)

  8. My little contribution:-)

    Thanks ced!

  9. video playback is working:)

  10. monster hunter 3rd not works. Thanks for emu great job ced2911

  11. god of war runs now:) but white screen cause of fb effect :s

  12. ced2911 What is this? Votre commentaire est en attente de modération!, on you blog

  13. XUI is a nice programm
    if your settings are generally the best, then we would need a GUI only for selecting games and the nice design for demonstration vids,
    btw. how i recompile that, i use pcsxr as template
    want to see how it is linked in code, i just have java gui experience

    • why the hell you used simple_scene_skin and scene twice (1 is source) ?
      i dont get it

      • got it, i deleted the xui which was not necessary to run, you forgot to delete a previous version of the scene which wasnt converted to xur

  14. mmm no no links images si las ves tu??

  15. Ced, could you use the skin from another xdk emulator and just copy/paste things from it to create your own??

    If so I have found the source for VBA360, if you want it just say:)

    • you mean for GUI ???
      yes its possible, but why vba360 if he can use his own pcsxr gui as template?
      the skin has different settings also

      i think we could use SimpleShader like DSon360 uses
      just for selecting game roms

      loading savegames is already chosen ingame so no need for a full gui, as the settings are already good enough

      • Yes, I didn’t think of PCSX😛
        TBH I’d be happy with just a plain text gui on a black background.
        I Downloaded Xui tools to see what was what but I can’t make heads or tails of it😛

  16. Wowww lot of people want help for create a GUI, the scene in x360 come interesting now:)

    XDK+XUI= Amazing Guis😉

  17. Ceds github is so confusing, copies everywhere, win32 and xbox version in one folder, but thats his way

  18. You could buy ppsspp gold, because it has faster emulation, better code

  19. ced2911 GT(gran turismo)bug after logo GT
    GoD of WaR 1 and 2 bug after to choose the level of the new game

  20. without disasm and the missing files i cant recompile
    go ahead ced

    • ok we will come back 2014😉 *irony hopefully*
      can you send me project only files and folder with main project file per email a day, still want to try to learn from your code, got already the basics

  21. @ced

    do you let use emulator the 16mb fast eDRAM ?

  22. emulator pc games ched for 360??

  23. the dx9 plugin will be accepted in ppsspp for pc:) so expect fixes soon:)

  24. how compilation of emulator??

    sorry bad superbad english

  25. Very nice work Ced, cant wait to see the emulator with full sound and video
    Here is my top five homebrew coders ever. all this guys did amazing emulators ports and they are true inspiration:)

    By the way. it will be possible add save state feature??

  26. dx9 renderer was accepted in pc build:) so a lot gfx fixes will happen soon:)

  27. some work will be made on the ui part:) it will be the same as the pc version !

  28. first I want to thank you ced, you have done a great favor to rgh jtag community with these emulators.
    second I wanted to ask you about mame
    there is a way to compile like these emulator the xex version
    because is the 0.72 mame version with xex but is to old
    and because im a noob
    I downloaded drunkeironman mame
    and mame lx to compile because they vere more recent but I didny know how to,
    can you share some light, thank you

  29. slowing down possibility with implementing sound ?

  30. how compiling ppsspp emulator??

  31. ok 2014?? good alpha 2 coming soon

  32. First ced hello, my congratulations for your work with your emulators for the xbox 360, I’m playing Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X PSP and I am already 11 hours of game play and is fully functional, and to super satisfied. I only wish the sound and videos and correction of framebuffer, otherwise not need anything else, since this top.

    Only one doubts because when I move a save game for psp ppsspp 360 fatal crash??

    Wonder emulator

    • it’s a alpha build:) but nice to see someone played that much for it:)

      video is perfect now, audio have still some issues, and miss atrac3+ codec used by a lot of games.

      i don’t know for psp saves send me your psp save, i’ll try to check for next release

  33. grateful, can let q I’ll try the game resets if der problem I tell you, the more I think q will not have problems because I’m already 12:20 hours and gave no problem. and for the saves can you use a save the ppsspp pc that will give also fatal chash, used a save game to pass the mana Khemia the introduction and fatal crash time and without save the game arrives on screen new game, most no longer follows.

  34. http://www.mediafire.com/download/xxdrvp73g1hvoo4/ULUS10408DATA00.rar


    The saves are the games mana Khemia students alliance and final fantasy dissisia both are in NTSC, and present fatal crash, and were played and finished the psp slim 2000.

  35. hello ced to use cheats in the alpha ppsspp xbox 360?

  36. looks ced confirmed the problem, when I copy a save game of ppsspp pc and transfer to the psp slim the save game works when I copy a save game from any ppsspp xbox for psp slim or the ppsspp pc, the save game appearing as this save corrupted, therefore saves all games I copy or transfer to xbox will be presenting fatal crash. what a pity

  37. hello ced’m already with 32 hours of game play from the tales of Phantasia X and I am already at the last boss, only had one problem: when I went into a forest about 4 hours ago framebuff gave the game in a forest, I had to run , ignore all the monsters of the forest and went straight to the boss, there has event and went into battle without bug, there has to follow the game, will give more ta great to beat him.

    Thanks again for your emulator, the xbox 360 is a great console, the problem is that the best rpgs are all in the console sony, only to have that ppsspp for the xbox 360 already broke a beautiful branch.

  38. C:\Users\min\Desktop\screenshot.png
    C:\Users\min\Desktop\screenshot 2.png
    C:\Users\min\Desktop\screenshot 3.png
    C:\Users\min\Desktop\screenshot 4.png_____ and that’s the way I let cool games

    C:\Users\min\Desktop000000020051122110520418.bmp _____ this is the photo of the end of the game.

    C:\Users\min\Desktop\My Freestyle.png_____ and this is my freestyle.

  39. C:\Users\min\Desktop\Tales Of Phantasia X.bmp _____ this is the photo of the end of the game.

  40. Nice to meet xec,,, first do not know what is your SHI, sorry qualque thing, because only I am a User project of you, these photos were taken straight from my console for viewing only, if you can not see me please deculpe because I wanted to hurt dwindle.

    • We dont understand what u try to say:) Btw respect for 32 hours of gameplay in the Tales of Phantasia X game. I think its a JRPG with original japanese language, right? Do u speak japanese or how can you enjoy the story?:)

  41. Pleasure thomasmaruzs, played in the first phantasia snes, and this is quite simple to understand for even being jrpg tales of the saga is very similar to each other then you are going to get used to them, and this has Phantasia X location on your goals. After I hit the destiny of the psx was easier to understand them. After the destiny I beat all the tales of including this game gameboy

  42. sorry for the second post was unintentionally

  43. when will your next released

  44. hello ced only one doubts that I have regarding the emulation of ps2 on xbox 360? because the Xbox 360 does not support or emulate ps2 gamecube, what they have strong that the xbox 360 does not support a port and on the nds, would work well as ppsspp 360?

    • ppsspp is a good emulator on PC/ Android which can be ported to PPC (XDK)
      almost any emulator on PC should also work when coded and ported nice to xbox 360

      there is a good one, pcsx2 for ps2 and pcsx was for ps1
      its coding was so bad Ced had problems in porting, so you can see pcsxr isnt even working better than ppsspp port, but its enough to have fun playing:)

      ps2 emulation would work like NDS and gamecube, but i doubt Ced will do one more, although that would be our greatest wish
      please donate for his work

      PS: english as language is in any case important i would say

      • gamecube/wii is possible, they share the same cpu family, the biggest probleme is the gpu part.

        ps2 is complex system, it need a accurate emulation for getting it working. but the only emulator with source available is slow as hell, not portable, even some game doesn’t run on a i7….

        imagine the 360/ps3 cpu as 1.2ghz core2duo …

        Pcsx code run really slow in cpu like 360/ps3, the code is old and coded with feet, peops plugins are hard to read, that the bottleneck on pcsx1.

      • pcsx2 is open source and its working😀 but as you say its coded with feet its hard haha
        psp is same MIPS architecture, you could recode that to a ps2 emulator ?
        the only difference is that ps2 has GS and psp a real GPU, so both systems are good to be emulated on xbox 360 even with 1,2ghz core 2 duo roh power

        and you have advantage as you already ported a similar emulator pcsx

        Gamecube and WII and especially a fully working NDS emulator would be amazing too
        and i hope they will come someday too, well i will try to learn this stuff😀

      • lol a ps2 is 6 or 7 cpu !
        the ps2 cpu, the ps1 cpu (used for input and ps1 emulation), the emotion engine, the 2 vu, the fpu, the spu (evolution of ps1 spu), and the crappy gpu … it can’t be done with a cpu that slow

        nds is possible it’s a slow machine but there is no fast open source emulator.

        gamecube is possible for sure … wii could be bu there is more stuff to emulate, scarlet cpu, good audio need a lle emulator etc …

      • ahh now i know what you mean
        you are right

        damn sony is so complicated, damn it

  45. thanks for the reply, because the emulator nds for rgh is a malfunction, and the alpha is also ppsspp and works much the nds

    • DeSmuME is already public Source

      • The problem with desmume is it isn’t considered a fast port, No$gba is quite fast and runs on slower CPU’s but it’s written in ASM and don’t know if that would be compatible with the 360, plus it’s closed source so that ends that right there😛

        Then there’s Drastic, a ds emulator for android, that runs amazing on android but again it’s written with android in mind so wont work directly on 360😦

      • Its fast thorugh jit and its open source coded in c++
        these emus on pc are almost any of them open source and could be ported for xbox to work same way

        The only thing is that the ps2 emulator pcsx2 which is currently working fine on pc and is also oopen source is hard coded and its system is complex

        But it is all definitley possible

        ceds one man company wont do that, and he doesnt recruite anyone:)

  46. and about the audio in ppsspp 360 like this? remembering’m a big fan of his work, very interesting to work with programming.

  47. In other news, Dolphin 4.0 has just been released😛

  48. Guys, focus on the PSP Emu! It is the main Ced’s project now:)

  49. hello ced and about the sound in ppsspp 360 like this going?

    playing persona 3 portable

    • look at github
      his latest works are on DX9 for finishing it and fix fb

      persona 3 also need atrac3+ which isnt even startet porting
      ffmpeg wont be enough as most of these games use atrac3+
      but ffmpeg is more prior in the works

  50. hi xec I’m listening to music while playing has no sound and most of psp games that have tested and worked in the ppsspp 360 gave no sound

  51. hello dolan like you to run this NullDC360, have a Corona with more xell reloaded is working only 64 emulator on my plate, not recognizing this emulator psx or one of NullDC360.

  52. i think gligli is no longer working on the xbox360. the last mupen64 360 update were made by swizzi of libxenon forums

  53. the 3 birthday Not Playing 2 of this chapter presented many bugs pictures, and fatal crash…

  54. Guys, plz stop talk about dreamcast and other emus. Focus on PSP emu! Its a PSP emu thread. Btw cant wait to play the beta vesrion of the PSp emu:)

  55. hows the project going along ced?

  56. atrac3+ is going to merged on libav soon:)

  57. GoD of war not working

  58. U come home from a hard day of work and u boot up ur xbox 360 and play PSP on it

  59. nice work its looking real good:)
    does the movie sound’s from the games are embed with ffmpeg or does it use atrac3+ for them?

  60. Bonjour,

    Avant tout merci pour tout le travail effectué:)

    Sinon je voulais savoir si vous aviez des news concernant l’avancement du projet et pourquoi pas une nouvelle version de prévu pour les fêtes de fin d’année.


    • Pour l’instant en pause car j’ai trop de boulot, j’ai pas le temps de m’en oqp, pour les fete de fin d’année je pense pas … peut etre … faut voir … c’est pas pour tout de suite quoi :p

  61. hello ced because you not only puts the sound and video in the same version and time in the project that you’re already out of time to proceed with a beta version.

  62. how compiling the ppsspp emulator??

  63. we play the emulator like this beta version even want anyone else playing anything. when left out. I also want the sound does not have to play more as well.

  64. Hi Ced , whats up? just popping my head in to see if there’s any new developments😛
    Noticed you haven’t added anything to your git for a while, so was wondering if your waiting for the PPSSPP team to add some more DX9 stuffs ?

    • hi, i’m having a lot of real work, i’m starting at 8am finishing at 10pm every day and it’s still far from the end ^^ and the week end i don’t want to see a line of code lol

      • Yeah, it’s like I said before real life always trumps hobbies, If working with code is something you do for a living I’m not surprised you don’t want to see more when you get home😛

        Take your time we’re not going anywhere lol

  65. Thank you for the good work so far, ced!

  66. at3+ is on the way:) i hope to have some time soon to work again on it !

  67. i see that there where submitted some speedups at github, Any news ?

  68. Very good emulator. I am having a problem with medal of honor (The 1st one) game loads up fine but the is a buzzing sound as soo as you start playing. Once you get to a certain part of the game the ground and scenery judt disapears. Its the same part every time, tried 2 iso’s from 2 sources, its the same on both. Tried the iso’s with ePSXe on my PC and they are fine

  69. and guys, we support ced2911 to continue with the project psxr, where are the messages of support? Please continue to work with psxr ced. for all fans .. you are the one that keeps alive the xbox homebrew .. and if you ever can, try to work on a port of N64 for the Dash, the fans would appreciate you so much, best N64 emu pc is Project64 2.1 Might Portalo a xbox 360 with the XDK? Greetings great man, without you xbox 360 the scene would not be the same …
    excuse my English, not speak, only occupied the google translator
    to please all fans we support ced to continue with Port

  70. sorry my english
    1. thanks for ppsspp for xbox 360
    2. are you working on ppsspp to xbox 360 ? when could you release a new version?

  71. possible port for wii?
    wii deserves this port! most games have in taking exclusive xbobx 360 please this port even if you stand below the xbox thanks.

  72. Continuing with the project, plays perfect, looks good only lacks sound and cinematicas.plz plz plz!! xD

  73. thanks for sharing, bro… anyway for those who need the complete database of the cheats (compatible with all version of PPSSPP), just visit here: t.co/YEeUFkStwC

  74. Any news bro ?? new update

  75. Alguna novedad?

  76. Is it dead at this point?

  77. ppsspp emulator is alive!!!

  78. lorenzolamas

    dev stoppé, dommage! c’était du super boulot!

  79. Dommage que le dev soit stoppé !

  80. Hey, are you still working on this?

  81. Did you stop with this emulator ?

  82. Que paso con el emulador

  83. fuck you .you can suck my cock ced i know peapol that are better than you and can continue the project .you can suck cocks while waiting -l- -l-

  84. Hope is still there. Someone has continued Ced’s project to a beta version. Take a look at his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDus0dZOsFc

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