game are pretty slow at the moment, 5fps to 10fps, but there is no jit/dynarec build, a lot of games should be fullspeed !

at the moment the work is getting the more game booting, and fixe the gpu renderer ! more to come:)

ff2battle ff3 rr2 tales_of_screen tekken5

new screen😀


ff2 battle ff2 ff3_battle rr2_5 tekken_5_bbb wipeout

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  1. Looking good, cant wait to see how this progresses. Congrats:)

  2. excelentisimo

  3. Now if I compile the ppsspp and I mark error??

    • Why you do want to compile it ? It s far from playable !! No gui etc…

      • Bonjour mon nom est Lekin’m brésilien J’ai un projet qui va intéresser beaucoup à vous demander s’il vous plaît me contacter sur mon email alex.p.silva.rp @ gmail.com sera d’un grand intérêt pour tout le rgh et nous pouvons faire l’histoire

        Ola meu nome é Lekin sou Brasileiro estou com um projeto que irá te interessar muito peço por favor que entre em contato comigo alex.p.silva.rp@gmail.com no meu email será de muito interesse a todos do rgh e podemos fazer historia

      • talk arround :p

  4. Oh my fucking good cedddddd :O :O :O

    I now bealive that PSP on Xbox 360 is very possible.

    You’re the fucking king 360:)

  5. this is great ced2911!!!. thanks:)

  6. playable CTTR?

  7. Des jeux Sony sur console Microsoft sa me fait bien rigoler ^^

    Sinon super taff continue…

  8. This is probably very unlikely but what’s the chances of utilising the built-in PS1 Emulator of the PSP once your port is complete (inception style)😛

    I think running PSP on 360 would be taxing enough but maybe??

    Also liking the updated screenies, keep em coming:)

  9. After looking into it a bit it seems it’s not possible lol nevermind😛 we have PCSX:)

  10. I think it’s pretty urealistic that psp gona work on xbox …its not even run well on pc

  11. But of course you can teach me wrong

  12. it’s ppsspp so if the game isn’t working on pc, it will not work on xbox

  13. ced jedi outcast run paks pc??

  14. @Ced. Noticed alot of good stuff being added to git. Any speed up or new games working?

  15. Salut Ced, je suis le développement de ppsspp sur le git officiel, pense tu que ton portage peut être intégré dans le git officiel ? Va tu pouvoir intégré les dernières modification apporter sur le git officiel ?
    Et encore une petit question pense tu créer un JIT sur le portage PPC ? Je sais que c’est long et compliquer mais sait on jamais ^^.

    En tout cas bonne continuation.

    • oui ca va etre mergé sur le git officiel:) faut juste cleaner comme il faut etc … c’est en cours depuis ce matin :p

      oui j’espere reussir a faire le jit ppc, ca risque d’etre super tendu !!!

  16. Ah super ça sent bon tout ça ^^.
    Bon en tout cas bonne chance pour le jit il va en falloir.
    Ah au faite une dernière question comme c’est portage sous xdk et pas libxenon on doit compiler avec quel version de xdk et visual studio ?

    • te faut vs2010 + un xdk assez recent (20000+) mais y’as aucune gui, et c tres tres lent ! si tu sais codé un peu toute aide est accepté:)

      • J’ai vue pour le coté sans GUI, je vais voir pour le compiler et j’ai quelque connaissance en programmation mais je ne pourrais pas t’aider😦 au moins si il y a du gros bug je pourrais sans doute le voir ^^.

  17. such use or uses the port of jedi outcast

  18. como utilizo ports como jedi outcast o ppsspp??

  19. ok thanks:)

  20. wow the lastest screens looks great!

  21. it’s start to be really hard :s

  22. hey project64 is now open source! is a better emulator than muppen64?

    • Apparently Mupen64 is still the better Emulator, plus I think you would be better off asking Gligli to convert his Libxenon Version to XDK, But I don’t think he would. Even tho I think it would be awesome if he did :p or just fix the saving issues with the Libxenon version would be fine:)

      • The saving issues are normally averted by using a « better » flash drive. Would be ideal if we just added xfat support, and maybe even support for texture packs, as they’ve seemingly implemented them into the wii version. I tried adding xfat support but it just rsod’s on me now😛

      • If it’s iffy flash drive’s causing the save issues why then do some games save fine and others don’t?

        Also I remember Gligli saying he’s waiting on Wii64 guy’s to create a new type of container for Texture Packs before implementing it into his port.:)

    • I don t care about n64 :p

      • yeah i still prefer playstation or dreamcast, but i dont know project64 were open source now, is a good new! xD

      • Heh, your right, this isn’t the place to discuss Mupen..

        Back to PPSSPP.. looks like your finally getting help with PPSSPP. Nice one:)

      • hmm ? someone is helping me ?:) i’m still trying to get some ^^

      • Looking a your git comments, seems your getting help with a couple of issues?

      • Also, do you think you’ll be able to achieve playable speeds with the interpreter or do you think you’ll have to make a dynarec?

      • yes and no ^^ it’s just i wanted to merge my modifcation with main repot, but they want to use an other way of dealing with the endian, it’s a bit complicated to setup but if it’s work it can be really good ! for the speed it’s impossible without a dynarec :s

      • the dynarec in arm version give a 10x speedup, disgea is running at 15fps, ff2 at 8fps, ridge racer 2, 7 to 14, so if it’s done correctly almost all game should run fullspeed, but i doubt to get gow fullspeed ^^

      • Well I suppose at the very least you’ll be able to get advise off them:)
        as for the dynarec do you have to write that from scratch or do you have anything you can work from in PPSSPP.

        Can you use the gui from your PCSX on PPSSPP or does that have to be written from scratch too?

        and last, I know your PPSSPP isn’t playable yet but when it does, is the steps going to be the same as compiling PCSX?


      • don’t know yet for the gui, ppsspp have a built in gui, which is not portable yet cause of opengl code. i’ll probably not write the gui, it’s something i don’t really like :s

  23. Ced2911 this is awesome news, with screenshots to boot! I’ve been a big fan of your work for a while – keep up the great work!! Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

  24. have not tried the CTTR

  25. otra duda no va haber un demo??

  26. Kinda quiet around here mate …whats up?

  27. ced 2911 CTTR or crash tag team racing run on ppsspp 360??

  28. ppsspp emulator proyect stop??

  29. Well let’s try n64 then …lol Zelda is cool mario is cool too ..star fox is cool too.

    come on man give it a try😉 you know a lot of people love it to death!

    maybe you get new ideas for psp too.

  30. lol ppsspp is still in work, but i’m tired of people that ask every day … and i hate nintendo :p

  31. How dare you hate on Ninty, Nintendo are the gods of creation😛
    I’m glad your still working on PPSSPP tho.. Thanks:)

      • Na snes is da shit! N64 is cool too …Sega is nice too i mean you have sonic …and Sonic 2 and Sonic and eehmm did i say sonic ? Trololol

        no sysrly my friend was a sega fan too and he was like hey try sonic! n i am like: naaaa man get the fuck out of here and he is like: come on man …and i am like well okay lets give it a shot and tadaa i liked it maybe you could change your mind too:) i mean u could still be a die jard Sega fan plus you can enjoy great games like Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, Pilotwings, Mario Kart ….anyway i just mean good with you:) and keep the good work up bro!

      • Sonic kill mario :p i don’t like zelda, star fox, mario kart ^^ the only good game on snes are JRPG :p on genesis you have Alladin, Phantasy star, soleil, Vector man, street of rage, PulseMan <3, Golden axe, and many more. Nintendo never did a game i enjoyed

  32. Me too TBH but I love all the retro Consoles.:)

  33. I’m an old sega fan, too. I had Genesis/SegaCD/32X, Saturn & Dreamcast. All excellent systems (I dream of the day Saturn is emulated with upscaling and nice polys, etc).

  34. hi ced, this is awesome work and we support you

    im just asking myself if psp is possible ps2 should also work (same resolution ?)
    thank you for your awesome work, you will get what you deserve, keep it

  35. Sonic is not even close to Super Mario World …your Taste must be broken lol jk…but 4 real Mario destroyed Sonic …and the games you named ..sucks haha. No offense ^^ even so Pluse man is cool.

    without J rpgs you still get better games

    you got

    Mario Kart
    Sim City
    Megaman x
    iss dulex
    Harvest Moon
    Super Mario World

    games that are beloved be people that i didn’t play or that i dont like
    Donky Kong 1&2, Killer Instinct, Contra III, Super Turican, Super Metroid and the list goes on n on

    i didnt even bring the rpgs up haha

    i mean come on! Sega lol ^^

    • you can say what ever you want :p sega was the best :p sonic is the best 2d platformer :p n64 have a good hardware compared to ps1 and saturn, but it was nintendo … crappy games

      • ced sega and nintendo are legend, we should not compare sega and nintendo 64
        even tho i like sonic and mario, both are different , and mario became legendary

      • Sonic > Mario.

        Both are awesome games, but Sonic is just more fun, has better music, better story, etc. I own all Sonic and Mario games (except stuff like the Olympics games, which don’t count imho :P).

  36. Sonic >Mario Not in 1000 years ^^

  37. what´s up ced 2911??

  38. Hey Ced, Hows tricks :p Things going well?

  39. I saw some stuff about the Jit going up on Your Github (cant understand any of it tho) lol
    but yea, real life should always takes precedence over hobbies and stuffs:)
    Hope to see some new screenies once the Jit is fully implemented :p

    On my side I just broke my Jasper 360 trying to rgh it (Error 0010)😦 gutted but oh well live and learn :p

    • the jit start to be really nice😀

      some games are near to playable now !

      i got 70% in ff3, to 140% in battle !

      tales of eternia is running between 80 and 95%😀

      huge 3d games are still slow, but a few is implemented atm😀

      • Great News Ced! Me and my Pro tester team are ready for work:) We downloaded more than 800 PSP games to our Xbox360 external HDD.

      • That’s awesome CED, Congrats:) it must feel brilliant when your hard work starts to show results like that.:) I don’t want to sound like a broken record but how is Megaman running, I assume 2D games should be running even better?

        Good Job Mate.:) looking forward to more advances.

      • i’m not trying game, it need a lot of work before doing this

      • Fair enough, but 2D games SHOULD run faster than 3D games right?

      • no, does’t mean anything

  40. @Thomasmaruzs no podrias probar el CTTR en el emulador de psp para xbox 360?

  41. ced 2911 emulador Gamecube o gamecube is possible on xbox 360

    • @PatchAddams – there are quite a few 2d games that use more resources than 3d games. None of them are simple like SNES roms anymore.

      @metalex – it’s possible to run wii on 360 and PS3; not sure of archetype of the GC, but I’d wager that it’s possible. The wii has same arch that PS3 uses (basically a « lesser » CPU), so interpreter emulation should work rather well. If I’m not mistaken, the CELL proc is very very similar to Xenon proc, and the major differences are other devices and how memory is addressed & allocated.

      • no with interpreter you can’t ^^
        wii/ps3/360 share the same cpu type, wii have simd called paired single, ps3 have full altivec, 360 have custom altivec called vmx.

        wii is out of order, ps3/360 are in order.

        even with a good dynarec, wii (800mhz) isn’t possible on 360/ps3 cause of the in order stuff. but gamecube (480mhz) could be possible,

        but the probleme will be the gpu, it require a lot of power, and i don’t think the ps3/360 gpu can handle it

  42. few have the xbox ghz
    cpu and gpu as has the xbox
    my laptop has 2 ghz processor, 2g ram is 743 mb video
    and games going as well with me «  » because it gives them bajon in parts and tell you both ppsspp and the latter is dolphin emulator gamecube wii and I will equal the two

  43. Jit is starting to work really good ! got some huge speed improvement ! from 23% of the speed, now i’m getting 130% in the same scene😀 ridge racer is now running at 50% !

  44. more screenshots

  45. This is great ced2911. thanks. Unfortunately the xbox 360 scene is dying😦
    The retroarch team has stop the work on 360. the reason is the RROD on the xbox of the developer. it’s shame because retroarch is a great emulator. i was thinking if you, ced2911,i think the only guy that still work on 360, can continue the work of retroarch,compiling the code with the new features. it’s possible???sorry if i bothering.it’s just a question. your work is great:)

    • yea
      especially teamfsd will be gone :S
      i bet ced will also give up a great work
      xbox one is the next step but i dont give up playing xbox 360

  46. no tienes mas screenshots del emu ced 2911

  47. hi ced new news emulator??

  48. for news see github, for screenshot when i have something new to show

  49. show to us new screens ced:)

  50. i ve made some big speed improvement !
    FF3 is now between 130 and 260%😀

    Kingdom hearts is running at 82-86%😀

    FF2 Is a bit better almost 60% in world map (180-200% in battle)

    But i have some doubt about some games,
    I don’t things i can manage ridge racer 2 to run fullspeed :s maybe 80-90% when everything will be finished :s

    But a lot of games will be running fullspeed !

    i can’t said which one will or not, it depends of a lot of different factor :s

  51. That’s good to hear.:) bit of a bummer about Ridge Racer but 90% is a lot better than nothing.😛

    Maybe you could have a frame skip option to make up the difference? also perhaps it’s time to upgrade from Screenies to Youtube vids of it in action lol

    Good job mate as always:)

    • i don’t think frameskip will work well, it’s not like a snes emulator :p for video stuff like that … check the pc version, it should be the same

  52. So the speed of your port is currently on par with the PC version? that’s great:) So if the speed of the PC port increases that will translate to the 360 version too?

  53. no no not the speed ^^ pc version speed is a lot better ! i mean in display, 360 will display the game the same as the pc version ^^ so too see how a game is running launch the pc version :p

    compatibility isn’t the same, atm video and sound aren’t ported yet, so some games can’t run or you need to use a save after the video. this will be made maybe after a 1st release ^^

    Current work is to make the gpu renderer faster and having the same feature as the pc version.

    Progress on the port is slow and fast…

    Yersterday i had a demo who worked a 2.6%, now it’s running at 102% almost 50x speedup !

    But a lot of games are broken now :p

  54. Ah, I see. I misunderstood😛

    IIRC sound or ingame music has only just been implemented in the PC port so I imagine that would be one of the hardest things to implement?

    Also I saw that the PPSSPP guy’s have just released v0.9 and in the changes it says it has a completely redesigned GUI, does the changes make it any easier to add to your port?

    About the release date (I know devs don’t like predicting release dates as things change from day to day) would it be fair to say it’s still a few months away?
    I know good things take time but I have to ask lol


    • audio and video use ffmpeg, i have working build:) maybe it need to be update.
      the probleme will be the atrc3+ plugins.

      the gui is 100% based on opengl … so no ^^

      i will release when it will be ready :p maybe in 1 month, maybe 3 … maybe 6 … don’t know

  55. Yes, that’s the one, atrc3+ plugins, I bet they are going to be a pain😛

  56. big speed up !!
    kingdom hearts is now running at 130-170% in games !

    • thats aweful awesom man to hear
      the game i want urgently to play
      that is so awesome if you can do
      after that we only need nds, n64 and ps2 emulators working with dashboard that would finalize the xbox 360 homebrew😉

      i know you may not do but we will hope for ever

      good luck and i hope you will get many support

  57. just tried ff7 :p it’s running between 100 and 170 with some graphical issues, but crash after 2/3 minute :s https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B15oIdn_3vKMTTROcTV5Zlg4aGM/edit

  58. tried other games

  59. another thing as you do to test the emulator 360

  60. not a lot i’m trying to fix game who are « problematic »,

    Bleach run at 75-80%:) it should be fullspeed:)

    Tekken 5 crash now.

    God of war crash after sony logo

    still a lot of work !

    • we understand, keep time for perfection😀
      make pauses whenever you want, but tell us just progress when you are making organize something, just say when you will do pauses and when you will continue or something (dates)
      transparency is good, you will get only likes i hope

      • i didn’t take any pause yet :p maybe 1 or 2 days without looking at ppsspp source code:) it’s long but it’s really fun !

  61. como pruebo el emulador para yo probar mi juego

  62. ced2911 como pruebo juegos en tu emu?? para pues probar algunos juegos

  63. God of war !!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooop woooopp

  64. nice work so far:) i didnt thought this would be possible on x360. you’ve really surprised me.. well as always xD hehe.
    Keep doing the great work😉

  65. I started to implement some of the fpu instruction, ridger racer is almost at 80%, disgaea is now fullspeed, ff7 run between 180 and 100%😀

  66. I saw that on you git just now but wasn’t sure what FPU meant :p Good job.:)

  67. fpu is float instructions, only some basic instruction are recompiled atm

  68. Just think, when this is finished, Ced will have 2 emulators that play games better than they run natively on PS3!

  69. please link download emulator psp for xbox

  70. Marcos Quintanilha

    Once Ced is a Sega Fan, as myself, what abou a Dreamcast Emulator for XBOX360? Could this be possible at reasonable speed?

  71. Thank you Ced for your continued work on the Xbox 360. I am looking forward to the release of this emu.

    Off topic: so you are not a Nintendo fan not even killer instinct 1 or 2? And did you even like the Sega saturn?

    • I personally quite liked the Saturn (never actually owned one but played my mates regularly back in the day) there were a few gems in there.:)

  72. more speed up, rr2 is near to fullspeed ! (94-96% !)

  73. You awesome mofo:) well done. 1 step closer to a beta build I love it.😛

  74. then when it’s your first released

  75. 24 days 8 hours and 13.5 minutes, give or take.😛 LOL

  76. Nooooooooo.😛

  77. Just for irony sake when the POC is released I’m going to record some gameplay with my PSP Slim with Camera and upload it to Youtube LOL. Cant wait!!

  78. thanks friend:)

  79. Hmm, I guess my estimate was out by a few days LOL. way to go Ced mate, time to spread the word.:)

  80. haha how fast was that, i really thought by mid or end of this month

  81. i will have a lot of work this month…. so better to release it now than in a long time ^^

  82. Reblogueó esto en metalex10y comentado:
    hi ced2911 there a date for a beta or alpha 2

  83. looking forward to see what this will be capable of:-) im actually hoping for it to function much like a PSP with CFW and POP’s loader. im aware of your PSX emulator and do use it but it would be really cool to use a PSP emulator to emulate both PSP and PSX games……2 birds one stone so to speak. keep up the good work ced2911

  84. and guys, we support ced2911 to continue with the project psxr, where are the messages of support? Please continue to work with psxr ced. for all fans .. you are the one that keeps alive the xbox homebrew .. and if you ever can, try to work on a port of N64 for the Dash, the fans would appreciate you so much, best N64 emu pc is Project64 2.1 Might Portalo a xbox 360 with the XDK? Greetings great man, without you xbox 360 the scene would not be the same …
    excuse my English, not speak, only occupied the google translator
    to please all fans we support ced to continue with Port


    PS3 Emulator!!!!!!!1


  86. Que paso con el emulador ?????????

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