Pcsxr 360

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Source at



Multiple track support.

Hardware gpu plugins.

Analog support.

More ….

Unofficial compatibility list:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Avgwzi9aJqA2dENpUnZIekNpZVhKeVdyZlRhZ3VXdFE#gid=0 ( thanks to thomasmaruzs)


For any issues:


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  1. emuplayer55


  2. Thanks CED! works great! im using internal Hard Disk!

  3. Thanks Ced, its amazing!

  4. thank you,so i think you fixed the wired controller bug at this time?

  5. Legend of Mana works 100%, graphics,speed and sound.
    Save state and resize image dont work for me.
    Very nice port.

  6. piotr21l@wp.pl

    hey no no no extra work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are we going to window mode, change the screen size?
    Final fantasy 9 no voice in the movies.

  7. Amazing firest release Ced!!! I no dubt that this can be the best PSX emulator.

    Thanks guy😉

  8. where do i put the games everytime i launch a game i get an error report any help please or make a README:) AWESOME work btw

  9. and what format should the psx games be in?

  10. PatchAdams

    Games can be put anywhere and so far I’ve only tried ISO’s, they work fine.
    CED congrats on getting the release out, it’s awesome. The Megaman X games run like butter:) although the SFX sound quiet compared to the Background music.?

    Also Save/Load states work fine for me. Looking forward to Analog/fast forward support being added. Brilliant:)

  11. darn it resident evil 1.5 does not boot i get an error report

  12. ive tried iso, bin nothing loads i get an error report with EVERYTHING

  13. PatchAdams


  14. i just need a read me on how to properly run a game

  15. PatchAdams

    @PSXGuy, what games have you tested,? where did yo get them from or did you rip them yourself from original discs?
    If you downloaded your iso’s try getting them from another place.

    Iv’e tried loading games on both my Xenon Jtag and my RGH Slim and all games Iv’e tested worked fine (granted Iv’e only tested the Megaman X series so far)😛

  16. ive tried parasite eve , mk 4 re 1.5 and a few others what format do they need to be in patch adams do u have aim or skype??

  17. PatchAdams

    I don’t use aim or Skype but the format for the games that work for me are ISO.
    are you a member of any scene forums?

  18. Assemblergames

  19. PatchAdams

    whats your username?

  20. Critical-Strike

  21. PatchAdams

    They havent sent an activation email😦 no matter.
    Tell me what you did after you downloaded the binary. step by step.

  22. i sent the psx folder to my dev partition of my XDK i made an iso folder inside the psx folder i tried a bin, iso ,cue and img of different games and the ALL error report out

    • you should have say it first, xdk can’t use dynarec … 3d games will not run fullspeed, but 2d will be okay.
      if you want to use dynarec you must use a rgh or jtag

  23. PatchAdams

    Oh you have an XDK, you haven’t got a RGH or JTAG?

  24. Yeah i have an XDK so ced your telling me the reason my dev error reports is due to one of the settings?

  25. Good to know brow thanks! What Rom formats work? Img,bin or iso ?

    Sorry for being a pain in the ass all i want to do is play RE 1.5on my XDK lol

  26. Thank so much Ced2911!! Great work!!!

  27. one of the best news on xbox360 scene. thanks ced2911 ^^

  28. emuplayer55

    Hey CED i hope you can implement hw gpu plugin soon, i think then its the perfect psx emulator.

  29. do the filters work in the hlsl folder??

  30. excelent!! most of the games run perfectly, just some audio problems in videos of the final fantasy (not heard) and pepsiman (throughout the game), the only thing I would like to know if in the future you could accommodate the menu because those who have the old TV (CRT) the menu is very large and comes out of the screen.

    PD: sorry my english… I use google…

  31. Hi all !

    How on controls of sticks ?? I play Legasy of Kain Soul Reaver sticks (analog) not work in game ((

    And what about change of disks in games more than 1 disk ?? FF IX, Legend Of Dragoon, Fear Effect !
    Sorry for my English !

  32. Does this emulstor work better with a jtag?? Most of the games have sound issues like FF8 has no intro sound but the emulation is AMAZING!!! I just beed to know how to get the graphic filters to work lol job!!!

  33. emuplayer55

    i have made an simple cover for use with fsd, hope you like it. I like it simple ^^

  34. can some one get resident evil 1.5 to work? the prototype was release a few months back please ^^

  35. Diablo 1 runs fine -)
    Hogs Of War – Runs fine ( music brakes Glitch)
    WarCraft 2 (Graphic Glitch not work ) Very Very Bad
    GTA 2 Runs Fine
    Medal of Honor – Runs Fine

    in pcsx.ini There are additional commands to include support of Analog(Stick) ?

  36. unable to run RE 1.5 it boots into the cd player and memory card options do i need to use debug bios??

  37. hey ced can i be your XDK tester considering im most likely the one person with a dev kit in here, please?

  38. PatchAdams

    Would it be possible to add a Vsync option. I’m getting a bit of screen tearing on the Megaman X games (haven’t tested any others yet)

    Or would that be added with the HW Plugin? Also could you add a Fast-Forward Button?

    • vsync kill sync with audio, i tried to avoid tearing but it wasn’t a success :s

      for the ft button i don’t think i can do it, psx and xbox controller share the same number of button :s there is no available button :s

  39. PatchAdams

    What about having it as an option in the GUI (set FF to R3 ON/OFF) ?
    Plus I’m not sure many PS1 games use R3?

    • we’ll see when i’ll work on a new input controller:)
      about megaman i’m going to thread cdrom access soon, there is some slowdown when it read data from devices, it’s also noticiable in mgs video

  40. PatchAdams

    Thanks Ced mate. Anything you can do to improve this already awesome Emulator would be great:)

    I haven’t used my 360 so much in ages :p (Emulator freak for life!!) lol

  41. ced2911 tu peux nous proposer une autre version beta avec joystick pad et luminosité régler s’il te plait ? pour ceux qui ne savent pas compiler les apps comme moi ^^

    au passage final fantasy 8 possède des mini lag et pas de son à l’intro

    • hé pas si vite :p j’ai pas eu le temps de regardé encore ^^

      la priorité c pas l’analog :p

      C’est de corrigé les bug comme le pb de luminosité et de crash, le probleme c’est que j’arrive pas a le reproduire :s

      j’aurais peut etre un peu de temps dans l’aprem mais pas sur :s

      pour le probleme de lag c’est ce que je disait avant, c’est le probleme de lecture, la xbox est pas tres doué pour lire des petites zones

  42. Hi ced2911, great job.
    will you add compatibility for cdrcimg in the next version?
    Thank you.

  43. I pushed a new branch that should fix cdda support, bios animation is gone again :s

  44. noooooooo, i love the bios animation ! It feels like a real playstation that way^^

  45. Maybe you can add a option that we can enable/disable PSX boot anim, is cool for me…xDD

    thaks ced.

  46. ced FANTASTIC job bro!!! can you add support for debug bios so games like the biohazard betas, tomb raider betas and other beta or unreleased versions of game can work?

    ive tried A LOT of betas but none of them work it goes into that cd player screen i think its because its not allowing me to use bios like DLT-h1101.bin i would think a bios select screen would be AWESOME!. your the man bro keep up the great work!!

  47. Excellent first release Ced!

    Lots of titles work great. But can you or anyone get these games to run?

    (PSX) Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen [NTSC-J] (J)
    Serial: SLPS-01901: Hangs at the black PS logo screen and hangs.

    (PSX) Rittai Ninja Katsugeki – Tenchu – Shinobi Hyakusen [NTSC-J] (J) Serial: SLPS-02400: goes to black after the developer and publisher intros are shown. Freezes.

    Perhaps these can be added to the compatibility listing. Everything was enabled, disabled and various combinations, same result. Files in bin/cue format. Thanks.

  48. Many roms goes to cd player screen. Why? Little big adventure give me a fatal crash in fsd when i’m going to start a new game.

  49. Two others:
    Anyone got these to work?

    Rollcage [U] [SLUS-00800]:In game menus do not show up on the screen. Freezes on loading screen loading the first level/game track.

    Rollcage – Stage II [U] [SLUS-00867]: Goes to black after the developer/publisger intro screens are shown. In game menus do not show up on the screen.

    Perhaps these can be added to the compatibility listing. Everything was enabled, disabled and various combinations, same result. Files in bin/cue format.

  50. thanx ced great work,
    please mame this happen with latest versions of mame,
    about pcsxr tomb raider 4 has textures look very pixelated , and bad color.
    I have to change resolution or what

  51. i added a new plugin for input based on pokopom not really tested, it seem to support analog. see branch new_patches on github, next stuff is cdrcimg, fixing epb and cbin endian.

  52. this plugin had rumble it is posible to use it in 360?

  53. piotr21l@wp.pl

    ced Possible XBMC360?

  54. sorry ced but where is the link of new patches to downloadim a noob on github:)
    your work is great

  55. PatchAdams

    I’ll test the analog build if you want or have it compiled?

  56. I don’t know how to compile adam if u can do it for me it will be great:)

  57. PatchAdams

    Where did you get your vs2010 version from??

  58. see for me i have XDKs and SDKs at my disposal LOL

  59. Ive noticed tbe emulator runs better on jtag/rgh systems . Why is that? Is the XDK not stable enough?

  60. ok mate i tried to try RE 1.5 and 0.5 but unfortunately nothing of them work..it appears they have some bad comptability issues..i think pcsxr xenon is better than this one in comptabillity..analog stick support and HD gaming support…i hope the developer updates this emu soon
    games so far tested and not working

    1-Resident evil 0.5
    2-resident evil 1.5
    3- jurassic park Lost world (hangs at loading in the first stage)
    4-parasite eve 2
    5-metal gear lacks in sound in intro and codec but everything else works fine

    later gonna try more games and tell u results..i hope for an update soon

    • soon ? it take times … i’m doing what i can with the few time i have.
      I’m not looking for fixing each game 1 per 1, if a problem is common to 2 or 3 games i’m looking at, if only 1 game is affected by a bug … i don’t care about it, we’ll see later.

      the hardware gpu can take 3, 4 or 5 month …it’s not the priority.

      priority is to fix stuff so this emu work for the most people as possible, once it work for everyone, i’ll add improvement and the last one is hw gpu.

      if you really want it, use the libxenon version

    • re 1.5 work in « debug_cc » build (no gui), gonna look at

  61. added support for cbin/pbp, fixed re 1.5bug, sony bootup is gone :s
    broken my only controller :s so it’s paused until i get a new cheap controller :s

  62. Ced just wanted to thank you, i stil didn’t try this because i’m full of work, just wanted to thank you for your work, time and patience!!!:)

  63. YOU FIXED THE RE 1.5 BUG OMG your THE BEST!!! i look forward to the next release i sooo can not wait to finally play that on my 360!!

  64. I tried to compile from source code with Visual Studio 2010 and Xbox XDK but its hard😦 Where can i find a great and SIMPLE tutorial?

  65. i’ve updated the spu maybe it fix the fmv

  66. PatchAdams

    Well I got VS2012 and managed to load the pcsxr.sln, selected build but I got a load of errors?

    Do I need to add 360 support to VS2012 or something?

  67. you need vs2010 and 360 sdk, i don’t know if it work on 2012

  68. emuplayer55

    what xdk do you use ced ?

  69. comradpsxr

    allright, i have downloaded your source (.zip). Opened Project File in VS2010, than let the debugging begin by pressing the « Play » icon. Now i have a pcsxr.xex. But there where a lot of errors while debugging. i will try it now if it works…. but i dont think so.

  70. use release_ltlg or debug_cc (no gui)

  71. comradpsxr

    should the pcsxr.xex be playable alone or do i have to copy the entire debug_cc folder to the xbox and then launch pcsxr.xex ?

  72. it should deploy file correctly. which error do you get ?

  73. comradpsxr

    264 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals pcsx.dll.exe
    279 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals pcsx.gui.exe
    263 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol main xapilib.lib (xapi0.obj)
    278 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol main xapilib.lib (xapi0.obj)

    + 480 warnings

  74. that not error (empty project) when you run it you have error ?

  75. comradpsxr

    what do you mean ?

    i tried to launch the pcsxr.xex, but xbox tells me that there is an problem and could not start the game….

  76. release_ltcg build ?

  77. comradpsxr

    i have jtag u said « use release_ltlg or debug_cc (no gui) » i dont have release-ltlg as option so i have thought you mean ltcg.

    The pcsxr.xex now is launching, is see the gui but when i try to start tekken 3 or any other game i will have an fatal crash.

  78. comradpsxr

    vs2010, always the same errors…. release/release-ltcg&debug_cc all the same. I dont know what to try anymore.

  79. debug_cc work only on devkit, which size is the .xex ?

  80. ced perhaps you can compile the updated emulator and do another release sir:)

  81. yeah please realease this updatet version because of anlog plugin many many people will be easier to control, you know that xbox directional pad is stupid so if you can:)

  82. no release until gui and fmv fixes, if you can’t wait src are available …

  83. emuplayer55

    hey ced, i tried to compile but have the same errors as comradpcxsr. If debug_cc is for devkit what is the right for jtag consoles ? i can use CodeAnalysis, debug, debug_cc, profile, profile_fastcap,release and release_ltcg. What should i work with when i own a jtag console ?

  84. emuplayer55

    ok i have tried, but all these errors, here is the log. Please help me to determine the mistake i have made. Thank you very much.


  85. LOL i made it. Works fine and the analog support is working now:)

  86. yes it’s not hard:)

  87. emuplayer55

    ok haha:) do i have to copy pcsxr.xex only or do i need the bios folder or any other files to make it work. Or the complete « Release_LTCG » Folder ?

    pcsxr.xex filesize is 4372 kb.

    Thank you for helping me.

    I will test it then tomorrow its too late now.

  88. emuplayer55

    you are the best, good night mate:)

  89. thomasmaruzs if someone have probleme, bug etc .. so you will handle support :p

  90. There is another compatibility list
    It’s a wiki format and everyone can update it.

  91. well the RE 1.5 beta works good it does however randomly crash lol but its GREAT progress

  92. PatchAdams

    Well Iv’e finally branched out from playing megaman x games :p
    Iv’e tried a few more:

    Spyro 3 has bad graphical glitches at the main menu (maybe the same with Spyro1/2 too) but ingame is fine.:)

    Also Colin Mcrae Rally has major graphical errors in game (pink/brown track and missing textures)

    The Crash Bandicoot games have minor graphic errors too (nothing major, still very much playable)

    But I’ll say again Great work on PCSXR Ced, loving it:)

  93. Un grand merci à Thomasmaruzs.

    Ced2911 les filtres shaders ne semble pas sauvegarder il faut à chaque fois l’activer au lancement de l’émulateur.

  94. J’ai cru que le fichier stock.cg était le filtre par défaut donc j’ai renommer hq4x.cg en stock.cg puis remplacer mais ça semble pas marcher dommage.

  95. Huge update coming soon for compatibility list:)

  96. H

    first things first

    i literally love you ced2911😀

    okay here is my question to all of you, i got slowdowns befor fights in FF 7 is the any workarounds, fitters, settings ..anything i can do, to not doing that …i mean i can live with some graphic bug here and there….but slowdowns breaking my heart😦

    • it’s related to xbox reading, try internal hdd or an other usb hdd/key it can be a bit better. i’m gonna try to improve it for next release

  97. Actually i am using the internal hdd:/ …well then i have to wait for an update:) thx for reply bro!

  98. j’ai résolue le problème de luminosité en mettant – 3 voir – 4 dans le menu gamma de ma tv Samsung ^^

  99. Ben le truc c’est que tout mes jeux xbox360 et émulateur Retroarch etc… sont correcte sauf avec Pcsxr ou je doit baisser le gamma pour avoir les couleurs correcte est sa concerne tout les jeux ps1 que je tourne avec Pcsxr

    • c super bizarre, j’ai pas trop le temps de regarder, je pense peut etre le week end prochain, mais me faut plus d’info car j’arrive pas à le reproduire

  100. comment on fait pour faire des captures image pcsxr ?

  101. Thomas=Yoshihiro ?????:)

    It’s prety cool that more people help to Ced, for get the best psx emulator.

  102. Hey i got a .img game and when i try to start the game it takes me to the music menu ..any idea? its Lunar silver star story btw (Y)

  103. Voila j’ai reussi à faire plein de capture d’image :


    Compare les images des jeux ps1 sur Pcsxr 360 par rapport au autre tu verra que le gamma es pas normal

  104. PatchAdams

    Ced, what’s your thoughts on DS Emulation? Do you believe it’s possible on the 360 or worth it?

    • not possible, only if you wrote if from scratch, and how do you will handle the « touch » screen ^^

      desmume which src is possible require a core2duo with more than 2ghz, which is 70 to 80% faster than 360 cpu. And even with a c2d 3d games can be slow …

  105. PatchAdams

    Thanks for the explanation, makes sense. It could use a mouse for touch screen input.?
    The Wii has a DS Emulator, even though it’s FAR from fullspeed, certain 2d games do run reasonably well considering it’s running on the Wii.

  106. PatchAdams

    30% to 50% I think would make at least a few 2d games playable (maybe Castlevainia and Yoshi’s Island) but I dont think it’s worth pursuing just for a handfull of 2d games

    PPSSPP on the 360 would be the tits:) IIRC you started working on this a while back??

    How’s things going on that front?

    • stopped i can’t handle ppsspp alone :s

      • PatchAdams

        That’s a damn shame, PSP on the 360 really would have been amazing, it’s times like this I wish I knew people who can code :p
        I would suggest asking around for people to help out, maybe the PPSSPP guys would help out?

      • no ^^ they are busy with other plateform ^^

      • seeing that there are suggestions ports, there are mine xD

        ResidualVM – Imagine Grim Fandango on 360?
        Talk with the creators of SONIC FAN REMIX or Sonic2 HD to create a port of this awesome homebrew games

      • sonic 2 hd is a genesis emulator with some gfx enhancement, i’ll maybe work on scratch 3d engine

  107. Lunar silver star …no sound during cutscenes

  108. PatchAdams

    If it’s suggestions… Maybe you could try to port MFME (multiple fruit machine emulator)
    the source knocking about somewhere, It would be interesting because it’s never been ported to any console before, I think it’s based on MAME.

  109. ced, is there anyone still working on nulldc 360 ? or is this project cancelled/stopped ?

  110. is he working on something xbox related ?

  111. we need an forum !:) for pscsxr related discussions ^^

  112. PatchAdams

    Just saw the Xaudio2 fixes on github, does it really fix the screen tearing? If so, good job:)

  113. PatchAdams

    could you email me your test build i’ll tell you if it fixes the screen tearing?

    • compile it from git ^^ i’m already on something else

      • PatchAdams

        don’t worry, Iv’e got most of the stuff together to compile but I haven’t got the 360 SDK, by the time I get it someone else would probably have tested it for you. i’ll see if I can get a hold of it.:)

  114. @Tx3: You wrong, dude. The Lunar Silver Star is works fine and the sounds, music are great during intro and cutscenes. Try these settings: Dynarec ON, Threaded GPU ON, SPU IRQ OFF, FPS ON and NTSC version.

  115. yo ced i have the CoinOps source code if you like to do an arcade emu😉

  116. do you think its possible to do a killer instinct emulator for 360?

  117. @ PatchAdams yo hit me up i can help u with sdk stuff bro!

    • Nice on PSXGuy, I’ve got the XDK (1.5 GB?) just have to install it on my PC, once I’ve done that I’ll get in contact with you:)


  118. i think its funny how everybody is asking about every kind of emulator right now, i understand the excitement but let the dev finish this thing here first :D…

    cool? ..i thought so ;)!

    so ced2911what about a n64 emu …..lol just kidding😛

  119. OK Iv’e installed the sdk now what do I need to do?

  120. do u have AIM or skype??

  121. I havent, do you use irc?

  122. Ced mentioned he doesn’t have a working xbox 360 controller, can anyone send or get one to him? He’s restricted without input from a controller.

  123. AT LAST!! I managed to get it to compile. Thanks for the offer of help PSXGuy but it’s sorted now:)

    Ced, I can confirm the screen tearing has gone (on megaman x at least) I havent tested any more games, it’s 6:15 am and I’m beat :p

    I’ll test some more later.

  124. @ PatchAdams… can you do a release on the latest compiled version sir ^^

  125. If Ced says it’s cool to release of Course, I just dont want to release builds without his permission.

  126. do rumble work? i got a report telling that the 2nd stick is mapped to standard button is it true ?

  127. Iv’e got some noticeable slowdown in Megaman X 5. The Dark dizzy Level and in Megaman X 6 The Rainy Turtloid Level.

    It’s something to do with certain effects in the level (rain, ect..)

  128. No problem just brining it to your attention boss :p

  129. patchadams that brings improvements that version?

  130. The Version posted fixes Screen tearing

  131. 1.speed
    4. Rumbel, Analog, Filter, cheats etc.

    • well i know its pretty obvious …but sometimes we oversee the clearest things …And i just ranked what is most important ..while playing a game! and how to get a true emulation.

      no disrespect, just a small idea

      • speed is here, graphics is here, sound not always, rumble seem to be here, cheat will probably never made, netplay no chance to have it.

        the most important now is the spu fixes and cdrom cache or threading.

        the spu will be hard, i found the bug, but don’t why it’s act like this … (psx set volume to 0 in some fmv)

        i’m not saying it’s not possible, but i will not work on it.

      • Squ = Sound
        cache= Speed right?

        you did a awesome job so far ..iam optimistic you find a way ..good luck bro

  132. Used the Jun-10-13 unofficial build. Played Wipeout 3/3 SE, Tomb Raider 3. The rumble function doesn’t respond in these games. Perhaps it works for some games and not others?

  133. i don’t know :s maybe it’s an option in game ?

    • I do have vibration enabled in those games (support rumble/rumble on), but I was also responding to your question concerning rumble working in games.

  134. Vibration works for me on Resident Evil 2 So it’s supported in the Unofficial build.:)

  135. resident evil games seem to have glitchy voices when character dialog plays like some parts it repeasts the same dialog…. perhaps its because im on an XDK??

  136. Hey can we have save states 1,2,3…and so on ..and a option for frameskip…in game would be nice is this possible?

    • you got unlimited save states by naming them, frameskip will not help since the probleme is from cdrom, even with double or triple speed up of the emulation, reading will slowdown

  137. the elotrolado compatibility list is wrong. tomb raider 1 and 2 works 100% with full speed graphics and sound. i used interpreter mode for tomb raider (Tomb Raider (USA) (v1.0)) and used tomb raider 2 greatest hist with dynarec enabled. front mission 3 works amazingly well using interpreter and crt filter ^^. big thanks to ced2911 again. the only strange thing is the fmv on final fantasy 8 and 9. sometimes the sound works, sometimes doesnt work😛

  138. LOL. i just found a way to fix the fmv sound in ff8 anf ff9. To play these games with sound in fmv just load the the game alien trilogy before. play alien just for one minute (just enter in the first level) and after that, load final fantasy 8 or 9. now the game will work with sound in fmv. ^^ . i know that alien trilogy use cdda tracks. maybe there is a bug related in cdda and spu. it’s strange because ff8 and 9 dont use cdda tracks.

    • really !!! thank you !! i note that somewhere ! maybe it’s because sound register or memory aren’t erased or something like that ! ff8 and ff9 doesn’t use cdda tracks ! big thanks ! i was going crazy with this bug ! can someone else confirm ? i still don’t have controller

  139. ntsc, bin. cue format

  140. tested a lot of times. it works all the time.^^ it fix chrono cross fmv sound as well:)

  141. when i try to load the project i get this error

    C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\pcsx.dll\pcsx.dll.vcxproj : error : Project « C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\pcsx.dll\pcsx.dll.vcxproj » could not be found.

    C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\pcsx.gui\pcsx.gui.vcxproj : error : Project « C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\pcsx.gui\pcsx.gui.vcxproj » could not be found.

    C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\peopsspu110\peopsspu110.vcxproj : error : Project « C:\Users\Ravendrow\Downloads\cloaked-ninja-gui\cloaked-ninja-gui\360\Xdk\peopsspu110\peopsspu110.vcxproj » could not be found.

  142. why is it so pixelatet is it because of my hd TV ….was ps1 really that pixeled?…Filter may reduce it a bit…but i am pretty sure psx didn’t have sutch a bad resolution

    • Probably because it’s currently using the SW GPU Plugin, when the HW GPU Plugin is implemented I think it will look alot better.

      • hw gpu plugin is good and bad, psx isn’t really a 3d console, they no Z/Depth buffer, also the framebuffer is hard to emulate with a hw gpu plugin. i don’t want to use peopsxgl because it’s too much old for new hardware

    • psx game run between 256*244 to 640*480, but almost all game in gameplay run a 320*240

      • Does the SW Plugin you have implemented in the emulator now have the ability for higher resolutions on the 360?

        and would raising the Emulator resolution make the games look better?

      • the sw driver make the same output than the psx it is the xbox cpu to draw, the hw use the gpu so resolution isn’t the one from psx but 720p or 1080p or what ever you want, but having a bigger resolution create some big distortion in the z axis (psx gpu is 2d, no z !) which can be hacked by some gte hack, also the hw plugin doesn’t have the same compatibility as the sw one, i don’t know if i’ll port it, it require a lot of work, it need some week/months to be ported.

      • Well, if you to decide to port it there really isn’t any rush. I’d suggest working on compatibility/sound with what you have atm.:)

  143. Yoyo

    update when


  144. i agree with PatchAdams. The priority is the compatibility first:) Tomorrow i ll make a big update on compatibility list. My friends tested 100+ « new » games yesterday.

  145. If the new consoles would open up for homebrew ..i would love to see what they could emulate …ps2 or maybe gamecube :)) ..but i guess it will not happen this gen

  146. I really hope Gligli carry’s on with Nulldc-360 and Mupen64-360 (or maybe make XEX versions :p )
    I kinda hope Gligli adds CDI support to Nulldc too.

    If those projects get completed I (and many others) will be very happy bunnies.😀

  147. so still cant figure this out got vs2010 ultimate installed along with xdkrecoveryxenon21119.10 so i should be able to compile correct? it still keeps telling me it cant find vcxproj files for pcsx.dll pcsx.gui and peopsspu110 checked the source and they are missing😦

  148. I got errors when I compiled my build too. But it created a .XEX that worked so I wasn’t worried about it?

  149. hey ced2911, can you add the dual shader suport like retroarch and point and liner hardware filter to get best results using the software gpu???

  150. could someone upload 2 save states of ff8 with and without fmv sound during the video ? i’m still without controller so i can only debug like this atm

  151. where you have to put those saved? I give state and load the emulator does nothing

    • you can put theme everywhere, use the brower in load state, but it should be the same game, same disc code, same region, also same pcsx version

  152. My final Fantasy 8 is pal spanish and pcsx oficial ced

  153. so i finally figured it out..i need to get more sleep changed branches to new patches and it compiles fine…how would i re-enable the PSX boot logo? i was so happy to see it in your original release. also suikoden’s in game audio is glitching video seems perfect but the audio glitches

    • atm it’s not possible, having the psx animation kill the cdrom

      • Bummer…oh fyi peopsspu110 folder and related project files need to have there names changed on github to peopsspu110b had to change that in order to fully load the project into VS2010 :P…great work ced cant wait to see future builds

  154. O M G!!!! i smell a NEW release coming!!!

  155. Hopefully hw gpu plugin will work on an XDK because that dynarec does not lol….. is there more coding thats need to get dynarec to work on an XDK ?

  156. That looks awesome:) Well done Ced. How well does it play games atm?

  157. Looks amazing HW GPU plugin cedddd, thanks mennn, i think that you have finish the plugin for end of summer.

    PD: We needs a forum…300+ comments, xbox360 want scene

  158. looks great the HW plugin!! and if you can add widescreen hack, we are going to be crazy, looking this awesome graphics for a psx.

  159. ced2911 for when a version compiled with hardware plugin?

  160. looks amazing with the plugin! I await the day when the official version comes out with this plugin and the correction of old TV menu to display the full menu screen if possible =D

    translated with Google

  161. hey Ced where would i look to reverse the button combo to bring up the osd? i use the newest FSD and Start then select is the built in screen shot button combo

      • thanks ced i found it, ended up remapping them to LB/RB and OSD now pops up when launching with F3 will probably change it again to LB/SELECT just to make sure i don’t accidentally activate it during gameplay

      • changing open OSD to L1/BACK worked out great and i can even still take screenshots i did notice that in psxinput.cpp both LT and RT are defined as XINPUT_GAMEPAD_TRIGGER_THRESHOLD is that right? or should there be a different one for each trigger? one last thing not sure if your a dad or not but it’s fathers day in the US so Happy Fathers day if you are😀

      • it was if(InputState.Gamepad.bLeftTrigger > XINPUT_GAMEPAD_TRIGGER_THRESHOLD )
        pad_status &= PSX_BUTTON_L2;

        if(InputState.Gamepad.bRightTrigger > XINPUT_GAMEPAD_TRIGGER_THRESHOLD )
        pad_status &= PSX_BUTTON_R2;

        so it check the value of the trigger (bLeftTrigger or bRightTrigger ) bigger than INPUT_GAMEPAD_TRIGGER_THRESHOLD, but this code isn’t used anymore, it use pokopom now

  162. hello ced,

    i have a few questions regarding your best project « pcsxr 360 »

    1. is there any way we can help you in hw gpu plugin ? im no developer but maybe we can help you in some way, like testing ?…

    2. Kurushi Final aka Intelligent Qube is not working, the graphics are flickering and glitched. Can you tetermine the reason ?

    3. are you able to tell us if you are working on more compatibility ? If not what are you optimizing right now ?

    4. before release you told us you have to wait for finisehd gui, is this the finished gui we have here ? Dont get me wrong, this one i great. But i liked your xell ui more which u have used in pcsxr 0.7.

    5. as it seems that you have removed pcsxr 0.7 from github (cant find it…) can you compile it with the sound fix u have mentioned ? Please

    6. Do you plan to use cover artwork in your gui anytime soon ?

    7. why dont you ask modcontrol or some other site for an forum category, so we can discuss there ?

    Thank you !! You are the best

    • 1. is there any way we can help you in hw gpu plugin ? im no developer but maybe we can help you in some way, like testing ?…

      atm, i don’t need test on it cause it’s really in early stage, a lof of stuff aren’t implemented.

      2. Kurushi Final aka Intelligent Qube is not working, the graphics are flickering and glitched. Can you tetermine the reason ?
      try without gpu thread

      3. are you able to tell us if you are working on more compatibility ? If not what are you optimizing right now ?
      speed is okay (cdrom emulation is the slowdown) which can be fixed by a cache or thread, haven(t looked much, it’s more on compatibity

      4. before release you told us you have to wait for finisehd gui, is this the finished gui we have here ? Dont get me wrong, this one i great. But i liked your xell ui more which u have used in pcsxr 0.7.
      the gui isn’t finished :s i wanted a friend to do it but he never did it ^^ the libxenon version is based on a framework that i don’t want to lose time to port it to xdk

      5. as it seems that you have removed pcsxr 0.7 from github (cant find it…) can you compile it with the sound fix u have mentioned ? Please

      i don’t have the source anymore

      6. Do you plan to use cover artwork in your gui anytime soon ?

      if someone add it

      7. why dont you ask modcontrol or some other site for an forum category, so we can discuss there ?

      i don’t like piracy forum, but a lot of people asked for

  163. Friend you can not put patches to pcsxr

  164. si que no hay una carpeta llamada « patches »

  165. baje unos . patch de la pagina del emulador de pcsxr para pc

  166. hey ced any progress on fixing the videos in FF8?

  167. gpu plugin améliore quoi au juste la vitesse dans les jeux qui lag ou le problème de gamma ?

    • aucun des 2 ^^ c’est juste une amelioration de l’image, pour le lag des jeux c du a la xbox, elle mets trop longtemps à lire des ptit bout de fichier, le systeme de cache de fichier est mieux sur libxenon.

      pour le pb de gamma j’ai pas d’idée :s je peut pas faire grand chose en ce moment vu que j’ai pas de manette donc je m’amuse sur le nouveau gpu.

      • donc se qui veux dire pour emuler l’emulateur ps1 il faut retourner sur libxenon dans le futur pour avoir quelque chose de stable ?

      • non non t’inquiete😀 je pense acheter une manette demain ou en debut de semaine, je vais pouvoir me remettre dessus😀

  168. thanks ced for the pics!

  169. The gpu start to be good:) a bit slow atm (30 fps in debug build) vs 35 fps for the soft, it was 6 fps 4/5 days ago:), also i’ve maybe found a possible speedup (47 fps). this way with dynarec and threading i think i get get 90-95fps in tekken 3.

    There is also some feature that will be disabled, the framebuffer effect => http://www.ngemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48943, because everything run in hardware now.

  170. Brilliant work Ced. Keep those pics coming:)

    That’s quite the boost in fps.

  171. Ced, dont forget: the compatibility is more important than HW plugin:) 90-95% compatibility would be nice:)

  172. Are you going to commit the HW changes to git?

  173. No probs, looking forward to the changes:)

  174. I hope you do too lol. Then things will really get moving:) since you haven’t got a controller a good set games for you to test with the HW Plugin is Spyro, for me the main menu in all Spyro games are well messed up with the SW plugin😛

  175. ced you want me to send you a controllers???

  176. controller*

  177. Hey ced so i was digging around my old hard drives and i have an xex compiled version of freePSX with source code i wounder if you like to take a look at it??

  178. It’s a little too quiet where did everybody go

  179. @patchAdams. i have not can i get a DL link sir??

  180. It was a joke…. sorry man. lol (I should have put « jk » on the end or something)

  181. Cool vivement une nouvelle version béta, j’attends avec impatient…

  182. suis en 1080p

  183. will it run better with HW plugin on my XDK?

  184. i think i have fixed ff8 sound could someone check with other buggy games ?

  185. After fix these games are working now:
    -UM Jammer Lammy
    -Thousand Arms
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Valkyrie Profile
    -Medievil 2
    -Clock Tower2
    -Rayman 2
    I will test more games later.

  186. I got no sound in lunar cutscenes

  187. Still getting distorted audio in Total Drivin and True Pinball (both are Ocean Games don’t know if that makes any difference)
    Also if I change the in-game audio from Stereo to Mono in Total Drivin the audio gets less distorted?

    Haven’t got any games that had the no audio bug, just those two above with distorted audio.

  188. Nice one mate:) I recommend getting Total Drivin anyway, was a good little racing game from my childhood :p

  189. i think Most of us played jrpgs

    FF 7,8,9 Tac. Xenogears, Lunar and sutch
    and then of course there the is MGS, street fighter, Megaman x, some jump and runs
    but mostly rpg’s so …this need fix first …i mean when i red something about psx thereis allways something about there rpgs:)
    if you right now asking yourself why i write that …simpely to show what imo should be fixed first

  190. Ced2911.. Looks like you fixed the Gamma issue too😀

  191. Genius Ceddd Geniusss, u port HW plugin in record time…..xDDDDD

  192. Where’s the last good rev (the one with fixes) link ?

  193. Thanks for this great emulator and you word ced ! I have been waiting for this for such a long time and still can’t believe that someone is working at it. I am hoping to soon play again all the games from my childhood again:) What shall i say, I can believe that it takes time to develop this, but good results always need that. Chapeau! i i will drink to you this evening😛

  194. hey ced2911 video mode switching for the GUI still isn’t working right… how would i force 640×480 on the new build?

    • didn’t checked it :s

      • figured it out if you change
        g_d3dpp.BackBufferWidth = VideoMode.fIsHiDef ? 1280 : 640;
        g_d3dpp.BackBufferHeight = VideoMode.fIsHiDef ? 720 : 480;


        g_d3dpp.BackBufferWidth = VideoMode.fIsHiDef ? 640 : 1280;
        g_d3dpp.BackBufferHeight = VideoMode.fIsHiDef ? 480 : 720;

        in video.cpp gui displays correctly on old tv’s😛 and i can confirm gamma issues are corrected

  195. ced2911, can you send me the most recent build to test games for you ??. i have more than 200 psx isos and i’will post the results here.it will be a pleasure to help testing games to we know all the compatibility of the emulator:) my email is netokl_emp@hotmail.com

    • just D/L the new patches branch on his git and create a build. it’s is pretty easy just gotta make sure you got an sdk and vs2010. i would post a compiled version for you but i don’t wanna handle support for it lol btw ced ffVIII sound starts to stutter part way through playing the vid

  196. Ced, do u have a goggle account? If u want, i can give you access to the compatibility list.

  197. hi,ravendrow. Please can you send me a compiled version with the last changes?? i cant compile, i dont have the sdk and vs2010.i just wanna test the games i have. dont worry i will not blame you if some games doesnt work:)

  198. Great!! thx thomasmaruzs:)

  199. i’ve added some new patches which fix the vm, tenchu 2 works now, it must fixe some other games

  200. + somes fixes for non widescreen/small tv

  201. Bug :

    – Manette qui vibre à l’infinie dès qu’ont revient au menu avec la touche select + start
    – Son qui se répète lorsque que ont revient au menu avec la touche select + start
    – Les filtres ne sont pas sauvegarder dès qu’ont quitte l’Emulateur
    – Select + Start n’affiche pas les menu mais un Screenshot si ont n’es pas connecter sur internet (bug causer par FreestyleDash)
    – Encore quelques bug d’audio ressentie dans Final Fantasy 8
    – Des mini ralentissement
    – Le second joystick et associer à des touche Y X A B normal ?

    Merci pour le partage Ced…

  202. Great work Ced! I can confirm and these games re working now:
    -Syphon Filter 1,2,3
    -Warcraft 2
    -Tenchu 1,2
    -TOCA Touring Car
    etc etc etc

  203. Can some one send me the latest version of this emulator please

  204. Lost word Jurassic park :runs fine
    Front mission 3:runs fine
    Vanguard bandits:runs fine

  205. Sentient: runs fine
    Hell night: runs fine
    Over Blood: runs fine
    The note: runs fine

  206. ah, thanks for the information thomasmaruzs:)

  207. these games i tested, i used the basic(default) settings

  208. can some one please upload the latest build for me

  209. hi can someone upload latest build for me on my email bledi_gti@yahoo.com
    thanx in adance

  210. ced screen size is good now on non hd tvs but it freezes at the main screen lol i cant select anything and the guide wont come up lol

    • are u using a jtag/rgh ? if so can u install « xbdm scse » and tell me if it crash ?

      • i have both and yes it crashes here is the log http://pastebin.com/BLPcVRA3

      • hmm it only crashes on my jtag not my rgh hmmm?

      • hmm i’m using a jtag as primary, can you provide the call stack ? (it the play button is vs2010 and go in call stack ?)

      • nevermind i’m a dumb ass i was launching the wrong xex on my rgh it crashes there too

      • this is what i got on the call stack ced

        pcsxr_retail.xex!D3D::DebugGpuDeadlock(D3D::CDevice * p) line 894 C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!D3D::CBlocker::Check() line 329 + 8 bytes C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!D3D::CDevice::BlockOnFence(unsigned long Fence, _D3DBLOCKTYPE BlockType, bool fNoKick, D3D::CBlocker blocker) line 2980 + 8 bytes C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!D3DDevice_Swap(D3DDevice * pDevice, D3DBaseTexture * pFrontBuffer, const _D3DVIDEO_SCALER_PARAMETERS * pParameters) line 1651 C++
        > pcsxr_retail.xex!VideoPresent() line 91 C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!RenderXui() line 137 C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!main() line 383 C++
        pcsxr_retail.xex!mainCRTStartup() line 277 + 16 bytes C

      • hmm it look like an alignement issue, which xdk version do you have ? are u using release ltcg build ?

      • D3D version 21119.0 LTCG, kernel 16203, frame 3, that’s the right stuff correct?

  211. Dear Sirs !
    It has come to my attention that a group of very talented enthusiasts is in the process of developing a piece of software with a peculiar purpose: making old games from a magnificent console Sony PlayStation run on Xbox 360. The concept of making this work is very interesting to me as I am quite peckish for glorious titles of the legendary Sony console. I decided to give this a try and began a research. My investigation led me here so I believe that this website is your base of operation, chaps. I excavated my cabinet and found a modified console in there. And thus my adventure continued. I downloaded the desired program from the first message and installed it on my console. My game of choice was gorgeous Metal Gear Solid, which is neither made of metal, nor is solid as a gear. I launched the emulation software and loaded the videogame, using the settings from the compatibility list. Unfortunately, the masterpiece of game industry did not start, Sirs ! I got through logos of several companies and stopped the progress at the « black screen ». What should I do, dear Sirs ? Shall I anticipate the resolution for my problem, or should I just descend into the abyss of « PC emulation », the idea of which causes my heart to tremble ?

    • Use the latest version from the source code. Compile it.

      • Good day, Sir ! I want to thank you for your response. Frankly, I do not possess a sufficient quantity of knowledge to be able to do the « compiling » operation. However, it appears to me that you, chap, are a capable sort. Would you kindly provide me with the end result of the « compilation » ? If you do so, an honest citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Queen herself would be in your debt, Sir.

      • Haha!:) You are funny « Sir »:) btw i like your british style. Write me a mail ( thomasmaruzs@gmail.com )

  212. hey ced wanted to let you know i figured out and sorted out the problem with the newest build freezing on small tvs check


    changed it from 1024 to 640 and it worked perfect😛 now switches fine from widescreen to small tv

  213. ok people i need some help confirming something. i think i might have found a sudo fix for FFVIII FMV ticking and sound glitches please try changing




    then recompile and play the FFVIII opening video (just select new game) and let me know if the video ticks and audio glitching are gone….i have noticed a small crackle in FMV and in-game audio and a little slowdown in the game intro music but the fmv should run at a solid 60fps;

    @ced i hope you don’t mind me tinkering with your source code please don’t be offended, i just want to try to do my part to make the best PCSXR emulator for the 360 to date

  214. I’ve also been testing some titles on the June-10-2013 unofficial compiled build.

    – All games exhibit « crackling and static » instead of sound (BGM). Sound and menu effects work fine. If anyone can confirm the later builds fixed them, then they won’t be an issue for the titles mentioned:

    1) Castlevania Chronicles (NTSC): Sound works, but drags. Also, if you stay on the game/mode select screens too long and the music stops playing, the whole game freezes up.
    2) Grid Runner (NTSC): Sound has loud crackle and static, especially when pop up menus show up, it becomes louder.
    3) Fighting Force 1 (NTSC): Sound static and crackle.
    4) Mortal Kombat Trilogy (NTSC): Sound static and crackle.
    5-6) Tomb Raider 1 and 2 (NTSC): I’ve heard these two are notorious for not loading (black screens) in PSX emus unless the sound is correctly listed and laid out (specific cue sheets, start-end gaps, bit channels etc): Sound static and crackle.
    7) Wipeout 3 SE (PAL): Sound static and crackle. Wipeout 3 works perfectly. If anyone got perfect sound off these titles, please tell us what software you used to convert retail disc to image. Thanks.

  215. @ced so i keep playing with the video because setting it to 640 shrinks the screen down too much so i tried 800 that cut the screen off at the bottom. then for kicks i set it to 720 ( which matches the HD settings) and it finally displayed in the proper size and does not crash on non-hd tv’s lol

    • you should check also if the user selected widescreen, it’s really odd

      i tried 640*480(normal) – 640*480(widescreen) – 1280 * 720 – 1280 * 1024 all was correct for me :s

  216. Les jeux qui ne marche pas :

    – Star Ocean 2
    – Parasite Eve 2
    – Legend of Dragoon (bug en combat)

    Vivement une correction des ralentissements qui concerne tout les jeux même les jeux qui marche parfaitement.

    • et encore plein d’autres ^^

      Star Ocean 2 tu es certain ? me semble qu’il marche bien chez moi (à verifier), pour parasite eve 2 il marche mais manque une option qui n’est pas activé encore.

      Legend of dragon devrait marché aussi, il crash aleatoirement ?

      • oui plein d’autres encore ^^

        Star ocean 2 marche pas chez moi sa freeze

        Legend of dragon sa marche au début puis arriver à un moment dans les combat sa bug mais le son continue mais aucune option s’affiche du coup ont se retrouve avec le jeu sans pouvoir fair quelque chose

  217. pour les jeux qui ralentissent, c’est principalement les jeux qui charge des petites données, j’ai essayé de fixer ca … assez galere :s le kernel est vraiment trop lent pour :s

    • Ced je pence que se problème de ralentissent doit être résolu en priorité par rapport au autre problème.

      Si ont corrige les bug graphique et les bug de son est qu’a la fin ont remarquera que la xbox360 n’es pas capable émuler la ps1 à 100% sans ralentissement sa serais bête surtout après se que tu à fait jusqu’à maintenant.

      • Je peut pas faire de magie non plus ^^ g quelque idee a voir mais perso dans la pluspart des jeux ca ne me gene pas. Apres voila soit c libxenon soit en xex…. tu peut tester star ocean/legend og dragon sur pc ?

      • Comme je te dit le soucis des ralentissement c que le kernel mets en cache les donnés proche. C tres vien quand tu lis dans l ordre… mais quand tu fait c tres tres lent

      • je viens de tester sur metal gear solid, il mets plus de 15000 ms à lire les données :s une frame dure 16666 ms … la seul idée que j’ai c’est de hacker le kernel pour remplacé les entrées / sorties pour utiliser mes propres libs

      • Hâte de voir se que sa va donner ^^

  218. So whatz up bro’s any status updates ^^ (Y)

  219. @PatchAdams, thomasmaruzs: A suggestion and request. Since Ced mentioned it is okay for PatchAdams to release an « unofficial » build as of June 10, can any of you (periodically) upload it to zippyshare (preferred over email) and post the link to it here so I and others can test it? I’m testing some titles/issues using Patch Adams June 10 unofficial, but unable to compile so I’m unable to confirm to Ced whether the issues submitted are fixed or not. Thanks.

  220. @PatchAdams please release the latest compile ^^ your the man

  221. @Ced. Iv’e noticed Multiple usb hdd’s aren’t supported in the Emulator? also Spyro 3 crashes randomly, but cant reproduce the crash.

    Also about the releasing of builds. If it fine with ced.. Ok.:)

    • @PatchAdams: sure it’s okay. Ced gave you the ok on « unofficial » builds and support. See your/Ced June 10, 2013 posts. If you can do it periodically on zippyshare and post the link here that would be great. Thanks.

    • Thanks. Perhaps you can also put the date of the compilation to be referenced to, for compatibility, issues etc. Like « PCSXR-360 July-3-2013 (PatchAdams) Unofficial Build ». It makes figuring things out easier, just a suggestion.

      • Posts on here cant be edited so the date posted will have to suffice. I could reupload the file with the date added but that would cause confusion.

  222. hi @PatchAdams sure its ok? @ced, what do you think?
    How can i edit the unofficial compatiblity list to add or edit games ? and it should be a option to write the versiòn of the release used to test the game.

    • @tekno18: We have a « pro » tester team ( 4-5 members ) now. If u wanna test some games, write me a mail to thomasmaruzs@gmail.com ( game name, region, settings, test results, etc ). ALWAYS use the latest emu build to test.

      • @thomasmaruzs, tekno18: As teckno18 suggested, with the possibility of unofficial builds being used now, it could be very useful to add a column for « Official/Unofficial Build Version » to prevent duplicity of efforts and confusion on your unofficial compatibility listing.

  223. @PatchAdams: I agree. There’s always the next build to include the additional details.

  224. i’m taking a break on pcsxr for some few days/week, working on ppsspp again

  225. Cool, maybe you can make a new post so we can talk there and keep this about PCSXR?
    Cant wait to see PPSSPP running on 360 :p

  226. LOL fair enough. I admit when I hear news about new Emulators I tend to get abit over excited :p

    But still, it’s good to hear your back working on PPSSPP.:) have you considered talking with the guys at Retroarch to see if they are willing to help you out??

  227. Helping out with PPSSPP? you said before it’s abit of a handful working on it by yourself:)

  228. Maybe so, but I’m sure they could give some advice on the subject if you get stuck :p

  229. Ced, can u fix the Parasite Eve2 and the texture error (Dragon Warrior7,Crash Bandicoot games,ect) ?

  230. @PatchAdams did do a release for the latest compile:)

  231. did you* do a release for the latest compile?

  232. Nope the last compile I did was on the 3rd July.

  233. @PatchAdams can you upload it pease sir

  234. you a GOD!

  235. All credit goes to Ced. HE’S the man:)

  236. uum….. my xdk crashes every time i try to run any game can u upload your full build and not just the xex please i have use Dynarec off threaded gpu on use spu IRQ on and use framelimit on….. i dont this build is capable of running beta builds of games i tried a biohazard beta and i got an error report

  237. what  » hw gpu – diabled! » mean ?

  238. So there is technically no fix for the slowdowns in ff 7 during fights …cause its a reading problem,, which means it cant get better because of the hardwarw limitaions. Did i get this right? ..i am unknowleded when it come to coding.

    • it’s possible to fixe it, it’s not really hardware limitation but kernel/os limitation, it can be fixed but require a lot work.

      File system in libxenon is faster for small buffer reading, but slower than xbox 360 kernel/os for big file….

      if you really want, use the libxenon version

  239. First want to say thanks for all your work guys. I have a question, how can i edit the ini file to change screen size to 4:3 format? for use it in a 720p tv (i dont like the wide screen format in retro consoles :p)

  240. Hi Ced I think I found a bug with the GUI…


    Load the Emulator>Press X>Then press Return to Game. (Fatal Error)
    I thought at first it was because I hadn’t loaded a game, but it seems to happen when a game’s loaded too.:)

    Can anyone else confirm?

  241. Hey you thinking about making an icon? And what about an gui like snes360 which imo got the best gui eva

  242. thank you so much for this last version work fine for me on jtag

  243. I tried to compile the PSP emu but i failed:) How can i get a.xex file?:)

  244. here is a PCSXR icon i found on deviant art i take no credit for the image just found it lol

  245. Encore plus de Cg Shaders (27/04/13) compatible avec pcsxr 360


  246. ced I have a problem when I compile the visual studi ppsspp 2010 I have the sdk or XDK I have the xbox when I jump compile give errors

  247. sit on a chair??

  248. you have a screenshot of ppsspp on Xbox 360

  249. ok i am will wait

  250. yes:) only 3,4 games works atm and with a lot of gfx bugs and really slow

  251. what games??

  252. I started to compile the ppsspp and I jump the error
    1>c:\users\metalex\desktop\1\ppsspp-xbox360\common\LogManager.h(24): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘file/ini_file.h’: No such file or directory
    1>c:\users\metalex\desktop\1\ppsspp-xbox360\common\threadpool.h(7): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘thread’: No such file or directory

  253. sorry iam fix one error 1>c:\users\metalex\desktop\1\ppsspp-xbox360\common\threadpool.h(7): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘thread’: No such file or directory

  254. resolved dudas😄

  255. ppsspp compiled😄 now tests isos😄

  256. Xbox error xex??

  257. falta como una carpeta del xex del gui
    xex missing a folder or something like the gui

  258. missing xui??

  259. ok yo wanna be your beta tester of ppsspp my email is miguel.rl @ live.com.mx

  260. could you give us a comment on pcsxr and if you still working on it.
    peace my friend !

  261. Ced, can u fix the texture errors ( Crash games,Dragon Warrior7, etc ) after u finished the beta PSP emu?

  262. Could you probably upload an .zip that contains all fix to date ..so that i can share with all who just want to put it on xbox ..and play …noob friendly …would be nice move .since yoi stoped working on it.

    thanks man

  263. I tried FF 7 with the last unoffical Version but there are still slowdowns during fihgts i guess that means ..no chance it will or can be fixed which make me really.sad :……(

    and i dont have voice sounds during cutscenes in Lunar …whats up with that everyone seems to get it working

    • :s use the libxenon version :p

      • To fix the speed or to fix the sound problem? And what you mean by libxenon version:) ??? do u talk about a diffrent emu? I am kinda confused

    • Libxenon version runs either via XeLL, or by using dashlaunch’s « Launch Elf » feature.
      It is another emu by Ced2911, and it has a very nice hardware GPU plugin, which renders polygons much more nicely than the software filters in the version you’re currently using.

      The downside is that it’s a tad unstable. I believe pcsxr-360 v0.70 supports xFat, but is unable to load things as quickly as it does via USB. Might be less prone to crash, but I haven’t tested enough to confirm this.

      Version 0.62 was pretty stable (and supports .bzip!!), but did not support xFat. Save often, as you never know when there may be a USB error while playing.

  264. I dont know who made the the cover for this emu ..which my box happed to downloded today on its own ….but let me tell you this ..it’s the ugliest thing i ever saw…..plus who puts king of fighters on an psx emulator cover …wtf is wrong with you…king of fighters?????

    u sir suck! and i really hope you read this

    i know i get mad about things that are not important …but this just was to stupid

    also you used on the backside of the cover a picture from final fantasy. 7 Adventet Childeren ..which happens to be a movie …not the game you fool.

    i am le mad!

  265. If you don’t like it.. Change it lol
    No need to be le mad!😛

  266. For those interested in the history of this emu, I’ve been playing some of the older libxenon builds again lately, and it’s certainly come a long way.

    I’ve got two early alphas (which use the zlx browser+background) that don’t indicate a revision number, but seem to be the earliest implementation of the hw gpu plugin. Speed is a tad slow, and the hw plugin has many incompatibilities. However, there are no « neon spots » on games like FF7.

    Ver 0.50 incorporated a new menu background and many more options. Speed is a tad slow with the hw plugin (and in games like FF7, when entering a battle, there’s a major slowdown because of the « enter battle » effect, which it cannot render), however if you change the frame limit option, it will be too fast and a bit choppy (same FF7/battle caveat exists, however). Software gpu definitely more compatible and better speed.

    Ver 0.62 has many speed improvements, and games like FF7 play at more appropriate speeds, but there are many « neon spots » in various backgrounds. Entering battles no longer makes the game come to a grinding halt, however the effect still isn’t displayed. Using a bzip image+table file improves speed over a normal .bin/.img file

    Ver 0.70 seems to have a very very very slight speed reduction (on dynarec+hw plugin), but can read files from xfat. Since lib xenon has a general usb instability (red screen crashes or can’t save anymore), this is the most stable way to play and still enjoy the hw plugin. Won’t read .bzip files, though I’m not sure if it’d improve speed much in this case or not. « Neon spots » still here.

    If I could remember how to take screenshots, I’d take some😛

  267. any progress on the HW gpu plugin?

  268. Dead for real or joking dead?

    • when i say dead it’s because i’ll probably not work again on it

      • This must be the sadest day of my life …anyway thank you for putting your time into this …maybe someone else will finish your work
        ced2911 you’re a cool guy …looking forward to a Dreamcast emu and some other stuff ………. psp maybe which would be hugh

      • ppsspp take a lot of time,i can’t handle 2 emulator alone, no one want to work on xbox homebrew so … i chose ppsspp which seem more intersting for me:)

      • If you like, I’ll make a cover for PSP, too.

        So far, here’s what I got for the 360 version. Screenshots are from the libxenon version, even tho the cover is intended for the XDK version (you said hw plugin was done, so I just take your word xD)

  269. please ced2911. dont do this😦 The pcsx360 is amazing and i think this is your best work on xbox360 homebrew. all games run full speed and there’s great compatibility. the only missing in emulator is hw gpu plugin. you’re almost there. add the hw gpu and your work on pcsx360 is done.please:)

    • I have faith ced will do it in the proper time – he’s just one guy, so don’t expect him to move mountains overnight, but he always comes thru!

      There should be a donate/paypal link on the main page or something.

    • the hw gpu is included in source code, it’s still buggy it’s why it’s disabled.

      if you really want to play with use the libxenon version, in fact i did the xdk port because i wanted to play sotn ^^

      but now i don’t have any fun on working on it so …

      it’s dead for me:) unless someone else want to work on it :p

  270. Hi
    I’ve read the posts…but still have a question, since I’m confused on the versions. I have a Jtag, and am a huge fan of FF7

    I’ve played 2 versions

    the Xell version: very good graphics but does not save, joystick do not work

    the FSD version: not so good graphics, save ok, joystick ok

    Can I have the FSD version render proper graphics like the Xell version.

    Merci pour votre reponse et bon Dimanche a vous.


    • The graphic is nice without HW GPU. Use ddt.cg filter. The compatibility is very good too. ( around 90%).
      And as i said before the Lunar is working fine 4 me. No sound, music glitch in FMV. FF7 same. i didnt recognize slowdowns,etc.
      So use the XDK,FSD version cuz its much better than the Xell ver.

      • Hi Thomasmaruzz…how do you use the ddt.cg filter?
        I can see it in the folder…but how to enable it, is another question, since the app crashes when I press A.

    • Saving should work. Maybe you have bad .mcd file or some other bad file. Check one of the libxenon/xell releases on this page if you love the hw gpu plugin like I do:

      • To be more specific: check the « Notes » section for downloads – links to libxenon versions 0.50, 0.62, and 0.70 are available in appropriate notes, as well as a recommended « how to launch ».

        There’s also a link to donate to ced2911’s paypal on the page:)

      • After further investigation, I think saving is still broken in all the versions of 0.70 I have; I’ll see if I can fix, but I’m just beginning learning how to program (I can do « Hello World »… )

        Maybe someone will continue XDK version:)

      • Thanks for your prompt replies…Indeed, I noted that the save folder was not avaible…I copied same and it worked fine. I will try the other recommendations and revert. Thanks

      • I’ve tried a few things and can’t seem to figure out why saving isn’t working. If anyone is familiar with libxenon coding and wants to take a stab at it, I’ll gladly share the sources I have (if I figure out github, I’ll put archived versions up).

        I’ve been playing FF7 lately, and I’m using version 0.62 (which I also completed Xenogears with) – it’s a bit of a « process », but basically I play the « bulk » of the game with Dynarec on, but on games that tend to give red screen/crashes (boss battles in FF7 do this for me), I switch to interpreter for that portion. Dynarec w/ soft gpu plugin works on those spots, too.

  271. Hi …how do you use the ddt.cg filter?
    I can see it in the folder…but how to enable it, is another question, since the app crashes when I press A.
    Please help


    • press start+select to bring up the filter browser (doesn’t work if you’re using newer FSD, which uses the same button combo to take a screenshot). ddt.cg filter is located in the root of the filters directory.

      It’s not really that great a filter, imho; HQ768 is better on my screen (I game on monitors). I’d still prefer to ‘wing it’ with the libxenon version, personally – hwgpu is a million times better (otherwise I’d just play on my PS3).

  272. If anyone wants to take a look at the libxenon source and figure out why saving doesn’t write the file, here’s the source for ver 0.70; might have a few adjustments I tried here and there, but nothing major.


  273. fatal crash with grant turismo 2 simulator.
    It starts normally but it crashes very often ex: license mode, autosave…

  274. Were I can Download the Pcsx Reloaded for Xbox 360 I have an RGH and a Freestyle Crack And How Install the Pcsx Reloaded in the Xbox Please Help me

  275. Final fantasy 7 is freezing on me all the time …everybody say it’s working fine .whats the deal am i using the wrong Version …EMU2.rar ….:/???????

  276. Okay …no fix i any way i guess since no more support right:/

  277. I tried an external usb now and it still freeze during battel 😦

  278. my ff7 ntsc works without any problem on external hdd. have you tryied another game dump or to format your HDD??

  279. i tried from internal hdd and from a usb stick …i using the pal version here ..maybe that’s the cause.

  280. I am test pcsxr on xbox with lt 3.0 without rgh remember test only give results after

  281. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/30mooqw.png[/IMG]

  282. Can somebody confirm that the Pal version of FF7 is freezing please

    • the french version isn’t freezing

      • God damn …this is so strange ..the older Version froze on me during the first Boss ..the new(er) version sometime befor that …its always during fights …it gets super sllllooow and than nothing moves..most of the time music keeps playing ..i am used my own copy ..and downloaded it to be sure ..it’s not the dump!…i am sad😦

  283. i have the same problem with pal version of FF7 SCES-00867 english version first battle with normal battle theme when we’re going to the reactor

  284. i kinda fix the problem xD

  285. it doenst freeze anymore with my pcsx360 custom build, if you have XDK just change




    and change

    if( iUseTimer == 2 )



    if( iUseTimer == 2 )

    this will fix FF7 freezes on battle, FF8 and FF9 fmv music

  286. i’ve played until the first boss without any problem on pal english version

    • Well thank you i guess …but i dont have xdk…and i dont even know what it is to be honest…is there a way i could get a fixed .xex

  287. Does the emulator only there get stuck ..because if it gonna be always like this there is no fun playing it any further

  288. Btw the start Thing really works ..but ff7 got like one billion fights i dont want to do that every time …but thank you …it’s so sad there is no psx support amymore .

  289. the oficial release version doesnt have that issue, only the unoficial has that bug.
    try it out:

  290. I see ..man that sucks :(…well then ff7 on pc..no lying on the bed for me seems like …but hey dude thank you very much for your help ..amf ced2911 thank you too….

  291. There’s an updated version already. Here’s the link: *

    – Analog support.
    – Some games that didn’t start after Sony logo now are playable and start.
    – Removed Sony logo so some games can be playable…
    – Tried resident evil 1.5 which didn’t start at the beginning and now works awesome but no more sony logo at the start of everygame.
    This link was die , please help me upload this . I want to play Crash Team racing😀 , i’m from Vietnam😀

  292. which games didnt work with sony psx bios logo? can someone tell me one of them?
    thanks in advance

  293. my pc is no good atm, need to format it, plus there’s some stuff i need to short of first, and make some more tests

  294. how to set best graphic in filter ???

  295. just press back and start button at the same time go to filter menu and select one, i use hq2x

  296. Ah btw Dreamboy …did u get this slow down during fights in the first Version …i am still talking about ff7…cause it felt like the Analog stick version has more fps..then the older one….thats the biggest reason i am.not going back.to the old one

  297. i didnt had any freeze in ff7 battle on the first version, i’ve tested the french version today and it has the same problem in the last unoficial release

  298. Okay ..i used my own copy and one from the web with the same result, i try today (after i come back from work) diffrent Iso Tools. just to be sure. To be honest i dont think it’s the ripping methoed fault. All Pc emulator work with my copy flawless. But you never know.

  299. And i was wondering about slow downs ..i didn’t get any frezzes too, but my game got super slow during fights (on the old Version)

  300. Good night guys here’s my first Unoficial build


    ->FF8 and FF9 – sound and music on fmv fix
    ->Reduced battle freezes a bit on FF7
    ->added shader on ini file to load the last used shader on startup
    ->added autoboot psx.iso setting for autobooting the game with freestyle dash covers system, it doesnt have gui menu ATM in this mode(psx.iso needs to be in the same folder as default.xex. To restore default settings just delete pcsx.ini file)
    ->added memory card menu into osdmenu, its not working atm
    ->added psx « cover » on osdmenu, my idea its to display game disc or cover in the future

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7146x8ta6016x6n/pcsxr360v2.0.1.rar

    Emulator credits to Ced2911 and pcsx team

  301. trés bon emulateur mais il y à des ralentissement c’est vraiment pénible dommage

    • faut réecrire completement … faut refaire un dynarec … c vraiment la merde ^^ dire que la ppsspp a un cpu 10x plus rapide est quelle tourne fullspeed …

    • how many fps do you have ?

      • it´s stabel and fast (some hickups here and there but nothing bad)! until u reach the reactor where the normal battle music kicks in. You go from about 60 fps to 15 to 0 (ONLY DURING FIGHT SCENES!)….well the Dreamboy update fixed the 0fps … it´s not freezing anymore but it stay by 20 …15 frames max, maybe it´s even worst.

      • it’s really odd… i finished the game, the most slowdown was during invocation (odin bahamut) it drop to 50-55fps

      • I dont know😦 i tried so many thing now …diffrent iso format …diffrent dumps, from internal and from external hdd …still unplayable slow ..and the weird thing is …Lunar silver star story got no voice sound for me, while a user said it works with no problem for him …i dont know what this is about. I really really dont know ..i mean i never had a problem with emulators like that…like ever!

  302. Can somebody please add the 4:3 screen format option, or know how edit a filter to change aspect ratio video ouput?

  303. Thanks CED! works great! with xenogears go perfect, only that not saved the game!!!

  304. Tx3 are you on lastest dashboard and dashlaunch? dunno if it matters or not, but check it out please

  305. Here i made a video of it …but i must say it ran pretty good this time normally it’s even slower than that by far

    • i don’t understand, it run correctly ?

      • yeah it wasn’t clear enough, here maybe this one shows the bug a bit better

      • that no a freeze:), the game is still running correctly😀

        the probleme came from reading from hdd/usb, try to use a faster device it can help, this probleme can’t be fixed easy because it’s caused by microsoft kernel. it’s the same kind of « freeze » that mgs have :s

        only « good » solution is to use libxenon version,
        way to fixe it… find a way to disable kernel reading cache … (which will affect all games !!!)

      • Is that the same issue that effects certain stages of Megaman X5/6 ?

      • I see …i used my internal hard drive and an fast (3.0) USB stick ..i cant see any difference, also i must say that this is the Dreamboy Version the Offical on got really stuck and froze on me, that means not reaction on pressing something. plus there are slowdowns when the fight start and ends ..u can hear and see them in my Video if you look close:).

        i am still unsure how it works so nice for you:/
        Okay all i can say for now is i hope your PSP project comes out real cool and maybe someday if you got the time and motivation..maybe you can do it ..thx you bro!

        ah and btw Harvest Moon German v. Blackscreen after some time lol haha. They all run so well but always there something :…(😄

  306. Any chances you consider working again in pcsxr someday? even on a distant future?

    • don’t know, if someone else work on it why not ? dreamboy started to work on it:) i hope he will work more on it:)

    • i have vacations on november wich is nice to have some time to code…other toughts.. i really need a new jtag/rgh -.- my current one is a falcon with rgh2.0 it takes too long to boot into the dash sometimes it takes 4minutes other times 30sec..

      im cheering up for you cedric, your ppsspp version even without sound it plays real nice now once you’d add vídeo and áudio it would be perfect 😛

  307. amigo se que no es el momento ni el lugar para esto pero, algún día podrás trabajar en un emulador de Nintendo 64 para el Dashboard? ya que GliGli solo lo hace para Xell.. a la mayoría de nosotras nos gustaría ayudar con estos proyectos pero casi todos no sabemos nada de códigos… en lo personal me gustaría aportar al avance de los emuladores ya que tengo harto tiempo disponible pero no se nada de esto!!

  308. hey …something new …something in the making?

  309. maybe dreamboy will keep it alive …i dont know, is somebody in contact with him? maybe ced you could help him out??

    build a coding clan lol :))

  310. hi guys ive been away for awhile im now searching for a new xbox360 jtag/rgh1.0 to continue the development of pcsxr360, because my old xbox took too many time to boot. this way it will be better to play and develop for it:) once i got one i’ll tell you guys

    • dreamboy im currently using your unofficial version of PCSXR 360 and i must say i really do enjoy the ability to play my PSX games on my 360…..emulation is one of my primary reasons for even following the console scene at all I absolutely LOVE the one system to rule them all thing and not being forced to pull out older systems and run cords all over as well as take up space on the entertainment center.

      About your current RGH that takes to long to glitch…..have you looked into some of the team xecuter products? They are in the process of releasing an even faster yet prototype glitch chip there is also the CR3 Pro that uses the rater feature and if your current RGH is a fat system look into the R-JTAG the R-JTAG has apparently had reports of instant booting any fat 360 systems with cycles mostly between 1 to 3 for a successful glitch. All tho please note that all of these methods use RGH 2 look threw the forums at http://www.team-xecuter.com for information regarding these products installs requirements and things like that

      As far as things i would like to see with in the emulator its self a way to configure the button lay out to any thing we would like would be nice, also i play on an HD TV and i would enjoy an option to play the games in there original resolution some how…..would that solve some of the splotchy appearance in the CG scenes if we were able to play it in the native resolution?

      also i would like to add i have attempted to load the .img files ripped from personal copies of MegaMan Legends and MegaMan Legend NTSC and both have froze either shortly after the capcom screen or at the PS logo (these are not listed on the above linked compatibility chart).

      Other than some of the compatibility issues i have had, no way to change the button lay out, and the ability to adjust screen size (some of the cames that are NTSC even appear to have a bit of overscan like Final Fantasy origins which is also a good example of a game with splotchy CG scenes in the intro) i absolutly love this project and am looking forward to seeing more releases from you.

      i hope my feedback has some how helped, at least the bit on how to get your system to glitch faster and as i said can not wait to see more come of this.

    • haha good luck :p ask team xecuter they can probably send u 1 or 2 chip as sample.

      For pcsxr look at pcsx rearmed, they is some stuff that can be good to be ported in xbox version.

      The gpu plugin from exophase (need to deal with endian)

      And the event cycle (new_dynarec/emu_if.c) which can probably speed up a lot.

      But the best will probably to add the virtual memory (15-20% boost) stuff in the libxenon version, and to build a xex from the elf.

      • thanks ced ill give a look:)

      • im curious about something…i know the PS3 and the 360 are 2 completely different machines…how ever the PS3 emulates the PS1 and the files for said emulation are on the system its self accessible via FTP on any PS3 running CFW/MFW. what im curious about is if something from the PS3 official emulator by sony its self could be of any assistance to creating a larger compatibility with the 360 emulator in some way shape or form.

        im not exactly sure if the way the PS3 emulates the PS1 via software emulation only is entirely documented as PS3 exploits came rather late in the game i do know that the emulation files are located on the PS3 its self right down to the BIOS in a .bin format….how ever i am aware that SELF files and things of that nature can currently be taken appart….but to what degree i am not sure, its bee a bit since my PS3 has been functional and since i have followed this scene.

        im also aware that « keys » for the PSP and PS2 were also stored on the PS3 as well, thats a lot of what sparked some pick up in the PSP dev area upon the exploiting of the PS3.

        the tech specs i am finding on wiki are as follows fot the 360:

        « Inside, the Xbox 360 uses the triple-core IBM designed Xenon as its CPU, with each core capable of simultaneously processing two threads, and can therefore operate on up to six threads at once.[46] Graphics processing is handled by the ATI Xenos, which has 10 MB of eDRAM. Its main memory pool is 512 MB in size. »


        « The PS3 uses the Cell microprocessor, which is made up of one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based « Power Processing Element » (PPE) and six accessible Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs). A seventh runs in a special mode and is dedicated to aspects of the OS and security, and an eighth is a spare to improve production yields. PlayStation 3’s Cell CPU achieves a theoretical maximum of 230.4 GFLOPS[3] in single precision floating point operations and up to 100 GFLOPS[4] double precision using iterative refinement for the solution of linear equations. The PS3 has 256MB of Rambus XDR DRAM, clocked at CPU die speed.[3] »

        So from what i am reading….the PS3 and the xbox 360 are art its core both PPC based machines accept the 360 runs threaded and the ps3 runs single « threads » per PPE? (correct me if i am wrong).

        I have used a PS3 for various years until about 2 yeats ago when funds ran low and i could not afford to repair them (accidentally bricked one /facepalm and the other needs some USB ports swapped out) and can say that aside from the not so smooth playback (obviously because of the already stated there was no HD in the PS1 era) i have yet to find a PS1 game that does not play on the PS3 ( tho there may be some that are not compatible?).

        It might also be worth mentioning that because the PS3 emulates the PS1 via software emulation and that these files are on the PS3 HDD its self (if i recall correctly it may differ for slim models im an avid fat user) that you dont need a PS3 to read the content of the PS3 HDD its self tho there is no way to write to the PS3 HDD we can currently read the data on it with out the PS3 system via homebrew tools.

        the whole concept behind bringing this to your attention is that sony has a legitimate and ideal running PS1 emulator perhaps there is something contained there in that can be implemented on others a plug in at the very least that in theory should improve compatibility at the very least. Other things to look into via the official sony emulator would be the options with in it such as screen size it allows you to play the game in its native screen size which in turn reduces the distortion on an HD TV and eliminates the stretching issue (i can ignore a black box around a screen if i just turn the lights off LOL).

        as i said this is all being made out of pure speculation and just throwing an idea out there im by no means a developer at all what so ever so i dont know exactly what may or may not limit the above proposition but in the very least if a PS3 can be acquired or is in your current possession perhaps a rebug CFW or a debug CFW were installed you could gather more data on an already existing emulator to incorporate into the development of this one.

        Even the sony PS1 emulator needs work in my opinion…my ideal emulator would be like the ones coming out for NES currently that look nice in HD and things of that nature….but ill take what ever i can get as emulation is a MAJOR reason why i enjoy having homebrew enabled platforms.

        is there an IRC chan that is around for your work CED? i would really enjoy at the very least idling in there so i can keep up to date on the news and such:-)

        any ways have a nice day guys these ideas were just things i were pondering i may look like a complete idiot for even suggesting them but as i said im no programmer or dev. of any sort….but it makes sense that it might be a logical place to look for ideas and further perfection if that is what is being sought after in this case

      • Also Dreamboy if you have issues getting your hands on any of those prototype chips last i checked they are doing an exclusive run for Elite Member’s where we were able to purchase them, i can look further into it and if it is still going on if you can not aquire said chips….look for me on the TX site im korn_16_f_t_l there

  311. You can try the Xbox-scene.com buy/sell/trade forum to check for one. Tell them your working on Pcsxr you may get a discount lol

  312. i already have one xbox 360 jtag seller im going to check it out.. maybe tomorrow im waiting for the photos, he said he’s going to send them today afternoon

    • good news just got a new x360 Jasper board with original JTAG with instant boot😀

      • sigue asi DREAMBOY, ojala mantengas vivo a PCSX R, ya que CED2911 nos defraudo y abandono a TODOS

      • DREAMBOY How I can change discs? I want to play DRIVER 2 Disc 2 (thanks for PCSXR360 V.2) sorry for my English, I speak Spanish. use a translator …. please respond

  313. Very good emulator. I am having a problem with medal of honor (The 1st one) game loads up fine but the is a buzzing sound as soo as you start playing. Once you get to a certain part of the game the ground and scenery judt disapears. Its the same part every time, tried 2 iso’s from 2 sources, its the same on both. Tried the iso’s with ePSXe on my PC and they are fine

  314. and guys, we support ced2911 to continue with the project psxr, where are the messages of support? Please continue to work with psxr ced. for all fans .. you are the one that keeps alive the xbox homebrew .. and if you ever can, try to work on a port of N64 for the Dash, the fans would appreciate you so much, best N64 emu pc is Project64 2.1 Might Portalo a xbox 360 with the XDK? Greetings great man, without you xbox 360 the scene would not be the same …
    excuse my English, not speak, only occupied the google translator
    to please all fans we support ced to continue with Port

  315. Thank you so much Ced for this !
    Is there a way to play with 4 players on the emu ??

  316. Where can I download pcsxr libxenon v0.70?

  317. Found download for PCSXR Xenon v0.7

    Enjoy everyone!


  318. Mafiafan123

    Bug fix found for Mgs enable filter>eagle>super Eagle.cg and game will play like normal😛

  319. Mafiafan123

    Also use spu irq

  320. Hello :]
    Just waiting for Hw gpu plugin :]]], looks great at http://i.imgur.com/TGdpds3.jpg

  321. DREAMBOY How I can change discs? I want to play DRIVER 2 Disc 2 (thanks for PCSXR360 V.2) sorry for my English, I speak Spanish. use a translator …. please respond

  322. hi there
    how can i change « discs´´ or files in metal gear solid ?

  323. thanks ¡ ..but where is the save game data ?

  324. how can i play with 4 players ?

  325. Hi, I have some problems
    Every time the game needs to load a sound it stops for some milliseconds and then continues to play
    What should I do to fix it?

    • This happens with Crash Team Racing and Crash 1 & 3, I’m not sure if it’s related to sound but it happens so I want to know if this is common or not

      • Oh, I think this is a know problem, I was reading Tx3’s commentaries and he have the same issue with FF7… If can someone can confirm to me that this is normal, then I’ll be happy!

  326. Hi ced!
    Is it possible to play 4 players in Crash Team Racing? how?

  327. Thanks ced. works pretty awesome for me.
    Just when i open Driver 2 after 3 second xbox crash and i have to reset.
    .All of my games works fine but this game…
    im using Xbox360 Corona 250G JTAG
    Any solution ?

  328. I did a test and found that if you leave the xbox in the resolution of 480i games were with similar appearance to the psx .

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