New stuff :D







Some new stuff !

Some month ago i’ve been looking at namco s11/s12 and capcom zn1/zn2.

I have some few game working but nothing exiting,

Some weeks ago, i’ve started to work back on pcsxr on xdk, with a lot of rewrite, lof of speed hack, i have ALL GAMES tested working at full speed !

All major games works (got all tested game working), there is still some sound issues in some games.

Some days ago i’ve looked back at arcade emulation and yop ! got all s11 game working (except tekken) !! but no sound yet:)

Next step is to finish the xdk port (some sound fixe, finishing gui etc…).

No need to ask when it will be release, and i already have some tester !

Also this port will not feature the HW Gpu plugin written for the libxenon (i’m too lazy to update), but will be able to use retroarch video filter (xbr in castlevania screenshot)

After the release of pcsxr, I’ll work more on the arcades system, and maybe release the 1st s11/s12/zn1/zn2 emulator on console !


tekken1_arcade se v2 2 se v2

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  1. PatchAdams

    Thank you for the XDK port looking forward to it:)
    While the Libxenon version is fine, there are definitely issues with the libxenon version’s controller and phat/slim compatibility.

    now if only we can get an xdk version of the N64 Emu too :p

    Again thank you:)

  2. All I can say is thank you ced2911. I’ve been tired of playing ps1 games in slow motion on my old xbox ,lol. Can’t wait to see your new pcsxr project using XDK. Thanks again. You and gligli are the best:) and, of course, best of luck with your new other projects. Cheers:)

  3. by the way , it will be a framelimit on the soft Gpu Plugin?? it seens that your last version the framelimit option only worked using the HW Gpu plugin. If you have time to fix this on your next release, all users it will be very grateful:). thanks again


    final fantasy 9 support?


    yes super.test for me?



  7. PatchAdams

    Wait like the rest of us!:)


    When can we expect?

  9. Dex-Spikes

    Finally!! take all the time you need to make it work properly! and congrats!!😀

  10. wait your tellimg me ill be able to enjoy RESIDENT EVIL 1.5 on my XDK!!! and ALL the other games at full speed like final fantasy 7 and 8??!!….. your a GOD

  11. now all we need is a proper mame update so we can play the THOUSANDS of games we are missing out on like KILLER INSTINCT 1 and 2

  12. and can we get an N64 XDK emulator please ^^

  13. Thanks Ced, you are the main man!!!!!!!!!!, BTW PSXGuy, please let `s talk only about this emu and no other.
    Ced how will be the save feature ? it will emu a memory card? and the iso format? iso, bin+cue or img+cce+sub. It only to have the isos ready to test.

    • save states(keyboard to select which filename, so almost infinite number of saves) , and classic memory card, yes iso, bin+cue and img/cce/sub, i would like to add multilple bin isos working, but maybe not for the 1st release

  14. yes i am sorry i got ahead of myself lol and for games that use multiple discs we need a method to swap em out*

    • atm disc swapping isn’t made, but it’s not required in a lot of games, games like final fantasy allow you to save before swapping the disc … is there some games that doesn’t work like that ?

  15. muppen? is that only using Xell or is there an xex version of that?

  16. it will be possible to enter gameshark codes?

  17. awsome news:) you’re full of surprises hehe. good work😉

  18. emuplayer55

    cant wait for your release ! Im looking every day multiple times for news:)

    • i don’t have a lot of time atm, it missing the screen calibration (16/9 4/3 custom) and a xui skin.

      I’ve started to port from scratch the hw plugin, it will also have framebuffer effect working correctly.

  19. man, this willl be epic. playing psx games on 360,with full speed is wondefull. with the adittion of hw plugin,playing like HD remake it will be even better:) thanks ced. like emuplayer55 said, i cant wait as well ^^. you’re the best. by the way. only a question. You will release the with hw plugin in the upcoming xdk version?? it alreday looks beautifull using the xbr shader. so, what do you think in release the version 1 using only a soft plugin and leave the better, the hw plugin on version 2 ???

    • yes 1st version will have only soft gpu plugin, it take a lot of time to port the hw plugin, it will be also available for other plateform (opengl and directx)

  20. Cant wait CED and thanks for your hard work. Is that PSx emu using Xell or XEX?

  21. what projects have in mind

  22. emuplayer55

    hey ced, how are you ? any news for us, how is the feedback from the beta testers. Can you tell us an planned release date, so we can look forward to it.

    Thank you for everything.

    • xui theme isn’t started, i’m waiting for a friend to work on it.
      compatibilty is really good, there is still some games crashing (toshinden when jumping, tekken 3 in dynarec), but i’ll not fixe this since i don’t know why it happen ^^

      emulator code is finished
      started to work on the hw gpu plugin but it will not be on this release

      i hope it will be released this month

  23. pcsx-reloaded

    … is GUI finished yet ?:)


  24. emuplayer55

    so you need more beta-testers ?:) ^^


    maybe some beta?

  26. emuplayer55

    im more excited on pcsxr than on the xbox one:)

  27. RougeCarlos

    Hi Ced, some news about PPSSPP?? In the 19 novembre 2012, showed a screenshot, and I think it’s of that.
    The emu of PSP now, works very well in PC, Android and IOS.

    Are you working on a version to Xbox 360? Or have you left?

    Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish and I use the google translator.

    Pd:By the way, I forgot, thanks for the PSX emulator, that of Xell it was incredible and I pass several games. I can not wait to try the new one : P

    • no it’s dead, ppsspp grow up so fast(20 – 30 commits each day), i can’t handle it alone, too much work is needed to follow the progress.
      and the 360 is almost a dead plateform

  28. just curious…
    what happened with jedi knight 2, quake 2 and Snes9xGx?

    Thanks Ced, and is great to see you still working in a almost dead plataform:)

    see ya!

    • jedi knight is stopped, there is some rendering bug color, and script doesn’t play correctly, but it’s playable

      quake2 already exists in 360 in quake4, i wanted to work on quake engine before doing quake3, it was justs to start the opengl driver for xbox 360.

      snes9x is here: use branch newskin,
      i did it only for myself, i wanted a snes emu that can load roms from smb, and it was also to try something about the 360 framebuffer in libxenon.

  29. about ppsspp, i don’t know other scene.

    but a lot of work can be shared between, wii, wiiu, ps3 and 360, they all share the same cpu familly, so maybe we can work together to have it working on ppc plateform, but i doubt someone else is looking at it.

    and about speed i really thinks it can run fullspeed, next ppsspp version will have gpu threaded, that how i gain a massive speedup in pcsxr. the ppsspp core is also faster and proper than pcsx.

    but it still need to write a dynarec for ppc plateform, even the arm dynarec isn’t finished.

    also a big part of the port is porting the gles code to directx, it’s really hard since they made a new ui which use gles :s so you have to port the ui code, and the gpu part code :s

    it’s not impossible, but really take time, which i don’t have atm with real life.

  30. I Cant wait to try the new PCSXR emu ( can u release it in this month? ) and i hope that the Xbox360 homebrew scene still live long! Seriously i dont care about XboxOne:) Keep ut the good work Ced, and thanks!

  31. Marcos Quintanilha

    We are all anxious for this psx-xdk emulator!!!! Thank You for your efforts!!!

  32. Frank West

    hey ced, is « release this month » still possible ? Only a few days left… or will you need a little longer ?:)


    Is the alpha version be gone at the end of May?

  34. Marcos Quintanilha

    Just Take Your time…it will be great when released!

  35. ced, the most import you did it. the emulator.Release for us the work that you already did it in your first release and leave the skin to next version.cant wait, please ^^

  36. ced jedi knight 2 on 360 release??

  37. and guys, we support ced2911 to continue with the project psxr, where are the messages of support? Please continue to work with psxr ced. for all fans .. you are the one that keeps alive the xbox homebrew .. and if you ever can, try to work on a port of N64 for the Dash, the fans would appreciate you so much, best N64 emu pc is Project64 2.1 Might Portalo a xbox 360 with the XDK? Greetings great man, without you xbox 360 the scene would not be the same …
    excuse my English, not speak, only occupied the google translator
    to please all fans we support ced to continue with Port

  38. the most import you did it. the emulator.Release for us the work that you already did it in your first release and leave the skin to next version.cant wait, please

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