Raspberry Pi + Xbox 360 Rf Board

Based on information found on http://forums.xbox-experts.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4029, this a simple daemon that allow to sync 360 controller using GPIO on raspberry.


Publié le 26 mars 2013, dans Uncategorized. Bookmarquez ce permalien. 8 Commentaires.

  1. hi good moornig ced, i dont see the pcsx post.. what happen? btw. Thanks for the great emu.

    • work on pcsx is finished i will not work on it anymore, last time i talk about it also ^^

      • ok, if anyone compile the fix four your alpha release, if there any problem if that person share the .elf file?? btw, any future proyects? and why dont want to work for the 360 anymore?

      • i don’t care about pcsx ^^

        Do what ever you want, but sharing a really unstable elf isn’t a bad idea ^^

        I have other 360 project started:

        a namco s11-s12 capcom zn1 zn2 based emulator, only few rom work. but it will probably never released ^^

        a port of pcsx to xdk which only use interpreter and soft gpu, at the moment, but run almost as the same speed of first pcsxr release with dynarec :p but also i don’t have plan to release it

        a port of jedi knight 2 started yesterday, src are available on github but nothing work yet

  2. Nice! It is possible to use a generic USB wireless adapter to connect my Xbox 360 controller to PC? =)

  3. wow, what a pity ced2911, I thought that you were close to release a beta and stable version of the libxenon pcsx emulator with sound😦
    well, i hope that you continue with other projects on xbox360 and maybe one day take a look again at psx emulator:)


    • maybe i will never know ^^ but yes the libxenon version is dead i think, i made a lot of work that i thought impossible (the hw video plugin).

      i’m working on jedi knight 2 atm:) hope to have something to show soon:)

  4. ced2911, nobody can expect an emulator working 100% with all games running without gliths and 60 fps with sound. it is almost impossible. it’s an emulator. I’m pretty sure that you did a great job on the emulator, but you may find that people will feel bad because this or that game maybe does not work right. just don’t care about others and release the emulator as it was. you had said that the emulator already have great compatibility and and works with the new hw video plugin. so what are you waiting for launch this wonder for us?:)
    cheers man:)


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