First release for quake3😀

download at www.homebrew-connection.org

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  1. Very very thanks ced for this XS present:) im so much happy for you return

  2. thanks ced,and happy holiday people:)

  3. professor_jonny

    Hi there,

    i have just installed this and it is briliant im just wondering is there a way to invert the right thumb stick ?

    im unable to figure out how to do it.

  4. 3 cosas
    1.-si quiero jugar con teclado como le hago
    2.-como le hago para bajarle un poco el fps y que no valla muy rapido
    3.-como vas con el emulador de psp

  5. ok
    3 choses
    1.-si vous voulez jouer avec le clavier comme vous le faites
    2.-comme-je faire pour baisser un peu les fps et non une clôture très rapide
    3.-comme vous y allez avec l’émulateur psp

  6. rien ne s’est passé avec l’émulateur ps1
    vous ne ferez pas un emu ps2?
    vous ne pouvez pas porter un autre jeu cool en plus du tremblement de terre comme le nez farine de tuer
    sonder certains jeux ps1 atlantis, Hercule, Kuzco, l’empereur, mais quand je reçois un aperçu entrez rouge dans le chiro aussi em8ulador de lui donner de soutenir les jeux ps1 comme la course Hot Wheels Turbo ou Monsters Inc

  7. Hey CED2911,

    please can you give us any info on this:

    Are you still working on pcsxr ? Im really looking forward to the next release, 0.62 is really great, many games are playable. But my beloved Resident Evil 1 2 and 3 is graphical glitched, like flikkering backround textures….but real impressive so far.

    And the Menue, cant you highlight the button you are on ? I mean i almost cant tell on which button i am. But no problem, U are my hero😉

    Will definitaly donate with next release !!!! U have my word.

    • Worked last month on pcsxr, getting more speedup (90 fps in tekken3 = 50% speedup), a lot of bug fixe, new games working, ff9 gt2 medievel2, but a lot of broken stuff as always…

      I’ve lost all interst in 360, so maybe never … sorry :s

  8. hey friend you can not carry a web browser for you to pass these codes xbox360 pc sources of some browsers
    1.- https://github.com/mozilla


    3.- http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/kmeleon/K-Meleon1.1src.zip?download

    Please I beg you please do something even chafita

  9. oh thats sad, i really hope you change your mind, and maybe in the future you get your interest back, but thank you for all what you have done so far. Have a good time !

  10. S’il vous plaît continuer à développer pcsxr xénon, c’est le meilleur homebrew là-bas. J’aime les vieux jeux à jouer.

  11. ced ne résiste tentasion si vous le pouvez si vous le pouvez

  12. ced ne résiste tentation si vous le pouvez si vous le pouvez

  13. He probably means « CED you are the most talented programmer out there, please if you discontinued the psx emulator, have you thought about release the actual version, you worked last month ? »

    Thats what he tried to say i think:)

  14. HI ced, why the lost of interest in the 360? many people are waiting for your releases, we all want to see ff9, upscaled and only you can do it. thank you very much. Greetings from south america colombia.

    • pcsxr take so much time, when you fixe something, 10 other game doesn’t work …

      I’ve made a new gui last month, and i can’t continue to work because a lot of game are now completly broken … it’s a really hard work, it will be so nice to have help on it …

  15. then,no ppsspp port for 360?

    • too much work is needed to follow ppsspp progress,
      and atm ppsspp run 3d game a bit slow (even in my computer), so … maybe in 1 or 2 years ^^ but new generation will be out …

  16. great to hear u are still working on the PSX Emu, hoping for a release in the future, it would be a shame if you really stopped the progress. Good luck with it.

    Checking your comments here nearly daily:)

  17. What do you think of releasing different versions for different games, for example, PCSX-xenon ff9 version, or PCSX-xenon Xenogears version. Again thank you very much.

  18. Hi Ced, I’m newbie in xbox, I have FSD3 RGH, and copied all files to a folder in hdd. when I execute q3_360.xex it boots again into FSD, and again and again every time I execute xex file …

    I don’t understand the « Requirements »:
    « place the .pak file from baseq3 folder » ….
    I supose you mean the file pak9.pk3 …

    « into the same folder from the release package »
    What is the release package? where is that folder?

    Thank you!

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