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PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha

PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha version

Proof of concept.

Based on PPSSPP 0.91.

put a psp iso name psp.iso is the same directory as default.xex

What have been done:
Fast ppc jit (Can be used in wii/wiiu/ps3). Give a 10x to 20x speedup !
DirectX9 backend (Can be ported to Win dows), miss some lights and framebuffer effects.

What need to be done next:
Finish the ppc jit, 70/80% of the opcode are recompiled, need slow memory paths.
Finish the DirectX9 Backend. Fix framebuffers, lights issues.
Port FFMpeg for sound and video playback.
Port the Atrac3+
Add a gui

Know bugs:
Jit doesn’t work in real devkit.
In some games can’t go in game because of missing video/sound playback => use a save games.
Some games are slow (Monster hunter 2) set VertexCache = true to give a big speed up ! Use this with caution! 360 have few memory !
Random crashes => Can be fixed by using setting Jit = false and FastMemory = false, but it will slowdown as hell !

Lighting issues on Ridger Racer.
Framebuffer issues.

Want to helps ?
This projects is really big, if you have any skills and want to help you are welcome !
No need for help for testing game, I don’t care about this really at this moment, if it doesn’t work yet, wait for the next version.
I need a real devkit.
Donate at

Ced2911: PPC Jit, DirectX9 Backend, Xbox360 Port, Endian fixes
PPSSPP authors for the great emulators, help and idea !


Source code:

Based on 1b9cf8a



game are pretty slow at the moment, 5fps to 10fps, but there is no jit/dynarec build, a lot of games should be fullspeed !

at the moment the work is getting the more game booting, and fixe the gpu renderer ! more to come:)

ff2battle ff3 rr2 tales_of_screen tekken5

new screen😀


ff2 battle ff2 ff3_battle rr2_5 tekken_5_bbb wipeout

Pcsxr 360

Please mirror this link if you share it.


Source at


Multiple track support.

Hardware gpu plugins.

Analog support.

More ….

Unofficial compatibility list: ( thanks to thomasmaruzs)


For any issues:

New stuff :D







Some new stuff !

Some month ago i’ve been looking at namco s11/s12 and capcom zn1/zn2.

I have some few game working but nothing exiting,

Some weeks ago, i’ve started to work back on pcsxr on xdk, with a lot of rewrite, lof of speed hack, i have ALL GAMES tested working at full speed !

All major games works (got all tested game working), there is still some sound issues in some games.

Some days ago i’ve looked back at arcade emulation and yop ! got all s11 game working (except tekken) !! but no sound yet:)

Next step is to finish the xdk port (some sound fixe, finishing gui etc…).

No need to ask when it will be release, and i already have some tester !

Also this port will not feature the HW Gpu plugin written for the libxenon (i’m too lazy to update), but will be able to use retroarch video filter (xbr in castlevania screenshot)

After the release of pcsxr, I’ll work more on the arcades system, and maybe release the 1st s11/s12/zn1/zn2 emulator on console !


tekken1_arcade se v2 2 se v2

Raspberry Pi + Xbox 360 Rf Board

Based on information found on, this a simple daemon that allow to sync 360 controller using GPIO on raspberry.


Librairies libav ( pour être compiler sur xdk: , utile uniquement pour les développeurs:)


Edit: missed link


First release for quake3😀

download at

?? – back 2

? – back


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